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Hyena 3d-printable model kit

STL model of a hyena with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (9 )


Pink outdoor feetpaws

Brand new outdoor pink feetspaws size 10mens 

SoraHusky (0)


Digitigrade Sock Paws

Digitigrade digi sock paw feet paws with indoor bottom

JessyeD (0)


Green and black fox tail

19" fox inspired fursuit tail, green with black tip

quailcostumes (0)


Cheshire Tail

Info in description

abyssalkei (2 )


Digi-Grade Outdoor Feet Paws

Brand new outdoor White & Purple Feet Paws Size 6-9 UK M/F

GBP 150.00
DaisyFoxPanda (0)

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Dutch Angel Dragon with Holographic Horns

Beautiful Dutch Angel Dragon Head!

andreaof3 (1 )

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Unfinished fixer upper fursuit head

hello everyone! this is supposed to be a Chihuahua mix but you can change her up. head fits up to 20''-22'' eyes are made by HibiscusDoggoany questio...

Vex-T-Rex (0)

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Multicolor Wolf Tail

19” wolf fursuit tail. 4 colors of faux fur from BigZFabrics. US only.

Winter_furr (0)


Premade fursuit tail

Premade fursuit tail, roughly 50 cm long

Sinist0r (0)


Indoor Hooves

Size 7 Womens or smaller 

Wilkye (0)


Indoor Feetpaws

Size 7 Womens or smaller 

Wilkye (0)


CUSTOM fursuit gloves

Message me about a design. :3

Krafi (3 )


White and red fursuit gloves with claws

New design! New materials!

Krafi (3 )


Digi-Grade Outdoor Feet Paws

Brand new outdoor White & Purple Feet Paws Size 6-9 UK M/F

GBP 150.00
DaisyFoxPanda (0)

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Unfinished cat head

I decided to sell this unfinished suit, because I don't have time to continue it and I lost interests and connection. Hopefully someone else will have lots of joy wi...

BearlyFursuits (0)


Puffy Handpaws (Black and Green)

Kloofsuits pattern handpaws

slimshadygrimgravy (1 )

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Cat Head and Paws

Head and Paws. Red and yellow fur, blue nose and eyes, movable jaw and strap for head inside of mask. 

Theophilus (0)


Large Puffy Paws

These are made by Spirit Wolf Fursuits! these paws are MASSIVE and I have small hands. I've worn them once for less than 10 minutes and realized I'd like someth...

VayMutt (1 )


DVC discounted claws

USA shipping only please! This is a bag of claws I've had sitting around for a while. They were bought from Dream Vision Creations a few years ago. They were bought...

GraceTheSeaGriff (0)


Small Black Silver and Gold Dragon Tail Knitted on Dark Purple Yarn

Metal scailmail/scalemail tail knitted on yarn

Wolfdragonworks (1 )


Digi feline fullsuit FREE SHIPPING USA

Check my tweet for more images in the comments!

WingWong (34 )


16 inch long fox tail

16 inch long tail

Wolfdragonworks (1 )


Mismatched Red/White Kitten Ears

These are handmade kitten ears that were made for cosplay but can be happily worn by anyone who would like them! The white ear has some light pink airbrushing on the insi...

pheonomenal (0)

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Black bodysuit with hooves

Black bodysuit with zip on hooves.

CAD 400.00
LucifurCreations (0)


Orange Yarn Tail

cute tail made with yarn

Wolfdragonworks (1 )