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Custom 3D Printed Eye blanks

1 set of 3D printed eye blanks

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (7 )


Realistic horse head base printable model kit

realistic horse fursuit head base 3D-model set for personal 3D-printing (you cannot sell/share "naked" base prints, but you can sell/distribute costumes based ...

polygony (3 )


Three eyed tiger head

Adorable pink and purple three eyed tiger head like new.Includes built in lycra! 

Prismacrystalis (0)


(REDUCED)Made to order paws tail

These will be made once you order them! once you've ordered, shoot me a message and tell me what you want. (if you want artistic liberty, please tell me!) Paws are ...

mariefursuits (0)


Choose Your Colors! Husky Faux Fur Fursuit Tail - Made to Order - by Kilcodo

Here is a handmade faux-fur tail perfect for your costuming needs! Each tail measures 24" in length. They are made with 100% artificial materials, so NO real ani...

kilcodo (1 )


Grey and White Mixed Fur Tail

Made with Faux Fur, Elastic, Thread, Poly-fill, and Love.

ZellasCreationsCo (0)


DVC Resin Canine Base

With Straight Hinge, Silicone Nose, Jaw and Silicone Tongue Attached.

Just-A-Little-Mixed-Up (4 )


Husky Tail

I'm accepting PayPal payments in USD only. You are more likely to receive the tail if you are able to pay in full right away. The tail is 1ft long, has two loops for...

SilhouetteStorm (0)


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Calico Cat Head

Brand new!

Imorajenkins (0)

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Pixel arctic fox white and rainbow tail

A Long white tail with rainbow markings and a fluffy rainbow tip.Ready to ship and ready to wear!

viccylove (1 )


Shiny Grey Fursuit Sheath Plush Prop

Plush sheath with magnetic backing and removable nib.

TheCrimsonGrimoire (0)


Three eyed tiger head

Adorable pink and purple three eyed tiger head like new.Includes built in lycra! 

Prismacrystalis (0)


22" Knitted ScaleMail Dragon Tail Green With Red Hearts

hand-knitted metal scalemail dragon tail

Wolfdragonworks (1 )


Custom Feet paw

A pair of custom feet paws. Base price is $60.This will be for a single color, and additional colors are $20. Add a pair of basic hand paws or puffy paws for $10Add ears...

emmujenkins (0)


Feline handpaws

Brand new feline handpaws for sale 

EUR 150.00
WMW66-Costumes (0)

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Spooky Skulldog Pre-Design

This skulldog will feature a white glow in the dark DVC skull, LED orange eyes and super soft luxury fur from BigZFabrics. Completion time is estimated 8-10 months from ...

KDean20 (1 )

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DVC Skulldog

Practically new DVC skulldog ready to fur/wear!

PolarisWoof (0)

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2 inch glass eyes

Golden yellow drakonicknight eyes

Rhee (5 )


medium rainbow speckled dragon tail with white underbelly

multicolored dragon tail

Wolfdragonworks (1 )


Puffy handpaws with gold claws

Puffy handpaws with golden claws! They are fully lined! Shipping to Us is $10!

mewmew12378 (1 )

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Large Canine Fursuit Tail

Made by FursuitTales 

gotebloke (4 )


FuzzButt Hyena Variant 1

3D Printed base size 9 size chart found on FuzzButtFursuits website. Comes with everything here in photo and a sheet of black buckram from SaltyPuppy on Etsy.

TheLionessAndTheLoom (0)


Skull Dog 3d-printable model kit

STL-model of skull dog for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (6 )


Dragon Headbase Adopt

fursuit headbase adopt comes with a built in Baklava, eye blanks, etc

Undeadkaiju (0)


Dino Mask Fursuits

Two dino masks being sold togetherone is furred one is painted

Undeadkaiju (0)

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Llama costume set

Gloves, head band with ears and a clip on tail.Gloves have finger escapes Tail has clip And is half a footEars have wire in them for pose ability 

Patheticpidgey (1 )

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Long rainbow tipped tail

Two belt loopsGreat condition, worn onceOrange and yellow glow under black lightHas a squeaker in the tip of the tailAbout two and a half feetSuper soft and cuteEight col...

Patheticpidgey (1 )

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Cute small Dino tail

Roughly a foot in length Greatly great shapeNever been wornMaker unknown Light blue with green highlights in it and three green spikesTwo belt loopsVery soft

Patheticpidgey (1 )

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