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Reindeer Premade

It's Christmas time, and there's nothing more merry than a reindeer. With this fursuit, you can be merry too!Fursuit has only been worn to take pictures. I'm a newer make...

ClumsyCoyoteCreations (0)


Kemono Puppy Bailey

Adorable partial for the puppy comes with much more than a suit. Accessories, art, and more!

PuppoFriendo (0)


New Coyote Premade

Brand new CraftyCoven premade coyote fursuit head! Fit up to 23” with room for glasses! All foam is lined with neoprene and can be accessed via zipper at the back! Made...

HFursuits (19 )

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Tiger Pre-made

Head: Lined with black lycraSem-poor vision (Issues with the paint) and good ventilation Removable tongue Fits a head size of 23-24 inches Tail: Elastic belt loopsRo...

Fursuitingweirdo (0)


Sea Otter Partial

A brand new sweet sea otter by DFS!

TheDemonFerret (2 )

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Raccoon Mini Partial

Brand New Premade by Shellsews Fursuits.

Shellsews (0)


Fursuit Partial

I am a beginner so my work might not be perfect & their might be some minor mistakes but overall I believe the work is pretty fair for just starting out.....I am look...

ToothlessLover2008 (0)

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Canine fursuit head with ref sheet

With removable fur and drop proof

dallytaur (1 )


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Raccoon Mini Partial

Brand New Premade by Shellsews Fursuits.

Shellsews (0)


NEW TwistedLeopard Pink and gray Corgi mini partial

This is an auction for a brand new Twistedleopard Corgi Mini partial fully designed by SleepyBarksThe Head-Fully Lined, fits up to a 25' head-Fully hand carved upholster...

Twistedleopardcreations (15 )

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LLM Pink Dog Mini Partial

Lizard Loves Mustache Partial Suit; Includes: Head, Hand Paws, Tail, and other goodies!

Kasora (0)


Cross Fox Premade

by @gnaws

subwoofer (2 )

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Werewolf Head

Brand new head by kawanii. Can be upgraded to a mini partial or partial by myself, BecauseFuzz

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Swish the Border Collie Partial

Border collie head and tail that includes belt for tail. Partial comes with character rights, ref sheet, art pieces, and banner. Head is fully lined, comfortably fits 23...

MitsuTheSune (0)

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German Shepherd Premade Partial Suit(NEW)

Brand new G-shep partial including Head, Paws, and Tail!Features:Four finger fully lined puffy paws, with dewclaw.Faux leather claws, nose and paw-pads.Fully sewn in and ...

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*NEW* Panda Dog Partial by SaltValleyCreations

Includes: head with reversible magnetic ears, handpaws, tail, dog bone prop, magnetic interchangeable hair and tongue options, and magnetic eyelids. (Photos and media ...

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Premade Blue Dragon Fursuit Partial

Head, Paws, Two Tails

GoodFurSomething (3 )


Pluto the Saber

Sabertooth Partial with character rights

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BlackPink Canine Partial

SHIPPING TO USA ONLY Delivery is included in the price!

RougeLavender (16 )

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Canine Partial

SHIPPING TO USA ONLY Delivery is included in the price!

RougeLavender (16 )

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Black Wolf with Red LEDs

Hello,We are selling this beautiful new black wolf partial with red LEDs in the eyes and nose. Made from foam and quality fur. Comfortable and nice see-through via tear d...

moonwolf (3 )

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Sabertooth premade

worldwide shipping Please contact me before biding !!! on instagram : blue_raptor_creations, telegram : Echo_furry or on delears den the price does not include shipping...

Echo_Raptor (0)

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pink honey

Shipping is not included in the price, it depends on your location

EUR 1,000.00
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Goat Bab Partial Fursuit

I call them the Goat bab! -A Partial suit that comes with a lined head, hoofed handpaws, a tail, and three tongues!

Mykalablue (0)

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Cute premade bobcat partial <3

This suit could be a good choice for a minor or a newer furry. !shipping not incluted in price! !SHIPPING DEPENDS ON HERE YOU ARE FROM! She comes with a head piece...

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green kagaroo head and tail mq

an unused head and tail, they eyes can be popped out with ease and be replaced, a few bald spots but can be fixed

OtherGuy (0)


white and pink rabbit, without eyes

mini partial fursuit without eyes, one ear is more floppy than the other, comes with lq paws 

OtherGuy (0)


Coyote Mini partial

Brand new and in search of a forever home

Argentdino (1 )

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