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Lion digigrade fullsuit

Lion digigrade fullsuit! Practically brand new, only worn for few minute intervals (photos, tik toks, etc) Fits comfortably 5’4-5’7, i’m 5’8 and 122IBS and it f...

Felixzbear (0)

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fursuit bodysuit only

hello I am selling my fursuit that i don't no longer connect anymore there's no character rights on it was custom built in September of 2019 like new condition there's no...

LoveParty (2 )


Full German Sheperd

Made by myself

EUR 900.00
lunardelalune (0)


MLP Zecora pony fursuit

PLEASE READ THE AUCTION TERMS BEFORE BIDDING!Last auction was closed with no buyers because the highest bid was below reserve.Please understand a few things: - I am under...

Liftyhusky (0)

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Twinky Arts Dachshund Full Digi Suit

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE, please read full description

DresdenComplex (1 )


African wild dog

African wilddog digitgrade full suit

CAD 2,500.00
Ishymitsukai (1 )


penguin fullsuit

penguin full suit

CAD 2,000.00
Ishymitsukai (1 )


Sparkle Dog Full Fursuit, RGB Boop Nose, Ref Sheet, VRC & VTuber model and More

RBG LED Glitter Nose, 3D Follow-Me eyes, Fully Lined Bodysuit with Digitigrade & Hip & Thigh Padding, Sock-Paw feet, Four Finger Paws, Chonky Demi-Curl Tail and B...

ArmouredBrownies (3 )


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Half suit raccoon

fullsuit option

Tamblerone (32 )

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Twinky Arts Dachshund Full Digi Suit

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE, please read full description

DresdenComplex (1 )


Wolf Kigusuit

Not a fursuit, but not a kigu either! Premade kigusuit that's the best of both worlds

OtterChaos (0)


Full Suit Design, Mojaka Species

A full suit digi grade design of a Mojaka species design ready to be made.

AUD 4,300.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


SaberTooth Feline Digigrade Fullsuit

Please see all attached photos and read the entire description.

sms0609 (2 )

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DHC Deer fullsuit

I’m rehoming the fursuit I bought from my friend, its original owner no longer wanted it due to the history behind the creator (Dont Hug Cacti). I can send you more pho...

Ditzydeer (0)


Monkey fursuit, Mongo !

Hello, I'm selling the fursuit (and character, lots of drawings) of my monkey, Mongo!

Rovafur69 (0)

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Waggery Costumes Body+ Tail and Handpaws.

New condition! Fits 5'5.

KreatureKit (13 )


Wolf Fullsuit/Partsuit Black/ Red Wölfin Premade

Dies ist ein Cartoon Wolfs Fullsuit/Partsuit Premade den ich selber zwischen 2017-2019 Gebaut habe. Der Head und die Feetpaws bestehen aus Schaumstoff.3D Gedruckte Augen...

EUR 1,600.00
Brainykekoa (0)

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Galaxy Löwin / Fantasy Löwe Fullsuit/Partsuit

Dies ist eine Galaxy Löwin Fullsuit/Partsuit den ich selber zwischen 2016 - 2017 erworben habe. Ich selber kann ihn jedoch nicht tragen da er mir zu klein ist, Langsam ...

EUR 1,200.00
Brainykekoa (0)

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Full Suit Design Windchime

A detailed full body design of the character Windchime, ready to be made into a full digi suit.

AUD 8,000.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


Sabertooth Bobcat Digi Full Suit

Digi grade full suit made by explosiveace

Patheticpidgey (2 )

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Cheetah fullsuit (with fluorescent markings)

Cheetah with fluorescent markings for sale, looks amazing underneath a blacklight!*Made by Rainbowbeatz* Preferably fits 130lbs, height of 5'9, shoe size 8.5, and a head ...

Thebigbucks (0)


FurFancy Digitigrade Wolf fullsuit with extra parts

Pre-owned, well loved, like new FurFancy digitigrade fullsuit. No flaws, no holes, no bald spots  100% stellar condition Here is a great opportunity to own a FurFancy s...

Twistedleopardcreations (15 )

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Blond Raccoon Fursuit

This full suit was built in 2020 by Strong Bob Fox and Rex Collie. The suit has only been worn a couple of times. It is clean and smoke free. This suit consists of a head...

RexKoeck (0)

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Zebra Full Suit

Zebra full suit, comes as is with other bits and bobs I don’t need anymore along with it. Does not come with character rights

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fox4 (0)


Pre-Made Full Suit Design - Mint Sugar

A pre-made digi full suit design themed around boba tea.

AUD 5,000.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


Vauban the Sergal Fursuit!

I sell my fursuit from the Sergal Vauban. This one comes with lots of artwork, several badges (like 5 hand drawn badgets), Kigurumi, toyhouse profile and two cheese plush...

EUR 2,500.00
Surrogate (0)

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Pink Canine Plantigrade Full Suit

Pink Pre-Owned fursuit needing TLC!

kittyklinic (0)

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