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Turquoise and white furry tail and paws

Turquoise and white furry mini partial, tail and large oversized paws. 

GBP 110.00
Manex57 (0)

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Hyena 3d-printable model kit

STL model of a hyena with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (8 )


Handpaws and Tail Set

fursuit feather handpaws and tail

JosieBubbleSuits (6 )


Female Donkey Head

Take this cutie home to you 

SnugglesFursuits (2 )

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Canine Fursuit Base

Foam Canine Fursuit Bases Uncarved

anileu (1 )


Bait the Coyote Gator

Bait features a fun expression with one raised eyebrow, super soft fur, and minky accents for nose eyebrows and ears. The tail has a fun bone accent on the base, and has ...

Mayovka (1 )

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Skull Dog 3d-printable model kit

STL model of a skull dog with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (8 )


Croxl the Pink Demon

Full gigigrade suit

Kahlani (0)

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Plushy Pitbull Premade Fleece Fursuit

A plushy-themed fleece fursuit pitbull doggy that comes with a head, tail, and plush handpaw mittens! 

GoodFurSomething (1 )


Cream Velvet Deer

premade deer ready to be adopted

Carthusflame (1 )


Rottweiler Mix Mini Partial

See full description! :)

TheLionessAndTheLoom (0)


Mushroom Dog Head

Original post from my instagram account: SALE Mushroom dog! Includes:2D eyesBuilt on a foam baseLuxury s...

CosetteSH (2 )

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Canine foam head base

Canine foam base with floppy ears, fits larger people heads snugly 

Honeywaffles (0)

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Cute Angel Dragon Partial!

'Violet' the Angel Dragon Partial suit.Bought about 2 years ago off of Furbuy. Suit made by Bulgarian maker "Secrets Of The Wild Forest". In great con...

TigressThePon (0)

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Fox Partial Suit

This listing is for a Fox MCloud partial fursuit. Made as a Fox MCloud/Star Fox cosplay suit, but can pass as a normal red fox fursona. This suit has only been worn twice...

HikariGamingLynx (1 )

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Mismatched Red/White Kitten Ears

These are handmade kitten ears that were made for cosplay but can be happily worn by anyone who would like them! The white ear has some light pink airbrushing on the insi...

pheonomenal (0)

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22" Knitted ScaleMail Dragon Tail Green With Red Hearts

hand-knitted metal scalemail dragon tail

Wolfdragonworks (1 )


Basilisk partial

Brand new!! Only worn for photos!! foam base, will fit 22-24”Slip-off paws for easy use of handsGreat field of vision (range shown)MASSIVE 98 inch tail (surprisingly ...

mettagiri (0)

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Otter/bear base

This is an old base I made a few years ago, so it is oldish but never used. It is on the smaller side so can probably fit around 23 inches, but would be easy to alter the...

Midnight_Sky (0)


Precious Scene Panda Partial!

Suit by TweakMutt/Cringe Raccoon! Reselling because it hasn't been getting too much use. Perfect for new fursuiters testing the waters! 

CatchingDragons (1 )


Black and white tail

Measures 31" long by 23" around

kulkun (4 )

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German Shepherd Partial Premade

This brand new Fishbowl Fantasies premade is available for adoption for $2,000! (shipping not included and will be calculated based on zip code)This suit comes with a hea...

Kawanii (1 )


Black gray white tail

Measures 26" long by 19" around

kulkun (4 )

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Wild dog tail

Measures 21" long!

kulkun (4 )

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Pastel Tiger Tail

Brand new tiger tail! Wearable on a belt attached via the nylon loop on the back.

BearSmug (1 )


Fursuit collar

Never been used. Brand new. Shipping extra in USA only. Sold as is. Adjustable.

WingWong (31 )


Fursuit collar

Does fit with a head on. Is larger for normal necks. Band width is one inch. No international.Sold as is.Price includes shipping in USA.

WingWong (31 )


Custom Large Knitted Scalemail Tail

Hand Knitted Dragon Tail MADE TO ORDER

Wolfdragonworks (1 )