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Turquoise and white furry tail and paws

Turquoise and white furry mini partial, tail and large oversized paws. 

GBP 110.00
Manex57 (0)

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New Refurbished Toony Puppy Dog Fursuit mini partial

How is this puppy new and refurbished you ask? The head was started in 2016 and never completed, so it's never been worn for more then photos, but then it was refurb...

WildDreamCreatures (0)

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Simple brown canine

Brown, Green and blue pupper 

Drkoooosh (0)

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$250 head commissions

I make heads, paws, tails, and hooves! I'm a new maker, wanna give me a chance :3

AcerWorse (0)


strawberry cow premade kloofsuit paws!

Fur/minky were purchased from big z fabrics. There are some minor bald spots but nothing too noticeable. Paws are fully lined with cow print. 

Crayclaws (0)


canine fursuit head with ref sheet

with removable fur and drop proof

dallytaur (1 )

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Pre-made orange parrot

Adorable pre-made parrot for sale!

EUR 400.00
MyrkurDragon (0)

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Cheshire Tail

Info in description

abyssalkei (2 )


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Multicolor Wolf Tail

19” wolf fursuit tail. 4 colors of faux fur from BigZFabrics. US only.

Winter_furr (0)


white Feline/Cat partial suit

Overview: This is one of the first suits I've made and the base was finished in 2019 but was fully finished at the start this year. The hand paws and tail was mad...

Colorfullartist (0)

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night dragon partial

Let's go through the configuration Head, coats, tail 70cm, frame toy and static figurine. Now let's go through the fillings. ⭐ —-----------— Head —--...

Will (0)

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Premade fursuit tail

Premade fursuit tail, roughly 50 cm long

Sinist0r (0)


Pink for partial fursuit (SOLD AS IS)

A refurbishing suit or good beginner suit

Breezykitty (0)

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Indoor Hooves

Size 7 Womens or smaller 

Wilkye (0)


Indoor Feetpaws

Size 7 Womens or smaller 

Wilkye (0)


Pastel Aussie-premade commission

Pastel Aussie full partial suit

StinkySaberStudios (0)


CUSTOM fursuit gloves

Message me about a design. :3

Krafi (3 )


White and red fursuit gloves with claws

New design! New materials!

Krafi (3 )


Green husky

Husky fullsuit with accessoires.

EUR 1,750.00
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Australian Shepherd Plantigrade Fullsuit

After some time I have decided to sell my plantigrade full suit Australian Shepherd named Coffey which was made in march 2019 by Nuke Creations and it is still in perfect...

EUR 2,000.00
Tig (0)

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Digi-Grade Outdoor Feet Paws

Brand new outdoor White & Purple Feet Paws Size 6-9 UK M/F

GBP 150.00
DaisyFoxPanda (0)

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Chinese dragon partial

Chinese dragon partial worn 2 times good as new 

EUR 850.00
Wickedworks (0)


Unfinished cat head

I decided to sell this unfinished suit, because I don't have time to continue it and I lost interests and connection. Hopefully someone else will have lots of joy wi...

BearlyFursuits (0)


Puffy Handpaws (Black and Green)

Kloofsuits pattern handpaws

slimshadygrimgravy (1 )

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Fursuit Fox YCH! DO NOT BUY LISTING (PM my website or insta!)

For examples, info and more check out: #fursuit #fursuitforsale #fursuitmaker #fursuiter #fursuiting #fursuitsale

FurqueenFursuits (0)


Cat Head and Paws

Head and Paws. Red and yellow fur, blue nose and eyes, movable jaw and strap for head inside of mask. 

Theophilus (0)