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​酸っぱい Suppai - Brand New Kemono Fursuit

酸っぱい Suppai is a Brand New Kemono Fursuit!This is an Inari Fox Fursuit made by Rising Sun Kemono! We specialize in high quality Japanese style Kemono fursuits. Yo...

RSKemono (0)


Fox head and tail

Cute fox fursuit head with tail! Fits 20-23 inches ^-^

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Lion Partial Coat Fur to make half/fullsuit.

Please see full description for all photos! Site isn't letting me upload my photos of all the parts.Lion mini-partial: Head, two pairs of handpaws, tail. Includes a ...

chimeracon (0)

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Spotted feline Sockpaws with white toes and brown pads

These sock paws are worn less than an hour and therefore could be considered like new. I bought these paws two years ago by AlphaDogs therefore they were not made by myse...

EUR 80.00
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Eye blanks

1 set of eye blanks

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (6 )


Custom Fursuit Head

Beastmech Creations

Axhirs (4 )


*New* Sparkle Dog Partial

Suit features holographic eyelids, tongue, pawpads, claws, and spikes on the tail, as well as lots of pretty black sparkle fur! This suit was made as a collaboration betw...

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Cotton Candy Lion Tail

Cotton candy lion tail with belt loops and a squeaker

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Fursuit head

White canine fursuit headBalaclava inside Follow me eyes Tail included Please message for more images and info. 

GBP 160.00
Asoldom (0)

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Coyote Partial Collab Premade

Brand new premade partial

GBP 1,150.00
KryingStudio (0)

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Artist Designed Sparkle Fox Partial

This is a brand new, artist designed partial suit that includes the head, hands, tail, and flower crown. The character rights come with the suit, so bring this cutie home...

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Amazing Cat fullsuit

Cheap cat fullsuit in great condition!

Moonthecat (0)

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Manokit Head Base for Print - 3D model

The model is for personal use only! Not for sale and print order!Model in Format stl.Wall thickness 3-5mm.For order please write me: graylower2000@gmail.comSubject: Buy ...

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Parrot cockatoo head and arms wings hands minipartial

A colorful partot head witch posa head feathers and a pair of cute wings.

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Manokit ladder auction

Kokytea collab

Thewendigoworkshop (4 )

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Skittles the dutchie

This is a head only with a removable tongue fits a 23 inch head with adjustable straps. Bases made from fuzzbutt fursuits and is a moving jaw

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Pug Dog Fullsuit

Preowned full digi-grade fursuit

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Canine Skull Skully Halloween Fursuit Head

For sale is a semi-realistic canine skull mask I made for Anthrocon 2018's Movie Monsters theme and worn once during the fursuit parade. It's made of white smoo...

Astaria (0)

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Fox fursuit

On sale partial fox.She is very nice ^__^Fursuit of medium size, head circumference 55-60 cm. There are also paws and a tail

Xlori (0)

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Pink Lynx Partial by Spools

Pink Lynx Partial made by Spools.Excellent Condition.Includes Gloves, Feet (Size 9 Womens/7 Mens), Tail, and Head.Also includes Storage Bin.

MaylkleemX (0)

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Adorable Rat/Mouse Fursuit

Includes Head, tail and paws. Good ventilation and vision. 

Weird_Creature (0)

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Brown Hand Paws

Puffy 4 finger style, fully lined

SewingStuffs (6 )

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Fursuit Prop- Meat

Up for auction is a brand new fursuit sized prop Meat on the bone.This sushi is fully machine sewn from fleece and is stuffed with new polyfil. It is quite large, perfec...

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Fursuit Prop- Chicken Drumstick

Up for auction is a brand new fursuit sized prop chicken drumstick.This sushi is fully machine sewn from fleece and is stuffed with new polyfil. Average sized prop, woul...

SewingStuffs (6 )

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Fursuit Prop- Animal Leg

Up for auction is a brand new fursuit sized prop animal leg.This sushi is fully machine sewn from fleece/stiffer minky and is stuffed with new polyfil. Average sized p...

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Blue Puffy Paws

Made using CurlWorks Paw Pattern

SewingStuffs (6 )

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Love Leopard Partial

Fullsuit upgrade available

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Cream Hand Paws With Claws

Puffy 4 finger style, fully lined

SewingStuffs (6 )

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