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Candy Bunny Premade Partial

Adorable candy themed bunny partial just waiting to be picked up! They include a fully lined head, fully lined paws, and a tail with belt loops that fit up to a 2" w...

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​酸っぱい Suppai - Brand New Kemono Fursuit

酸っぱい Suppai is a Brand New Kemono Fursuit!This is an Inari Fox Fursuit made by Rising Sun Kemono! We specialize in high quality Japanese style Kemono fursuits. Yo...

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Penguin Mini Partial

This fursuit (built on a refurbed base by SavvyStudios) is fully lined, has excellent ventilation and great vision! It has 3D printed follow me eyes, a cute wiggly little...

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Premade Fursuit Collars - One size fits most

30+ patterns to choose from!

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Smile Dip Doge

Meet Dipper! The rainbow candy induced coma dream dog from Mable in gravity falls. That was the inspiration for the suit. The suit was made by TunnysaysIDK.

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Canine Fursuit Base

Foam Canine Fursuit Bases Uncarved

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DVC Resin Canine Base

With Straight Hinge, Silicone Nose, Jaw and Silicone Tongue Attached.

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Black & Pink DVC Large Rubber Feline Paw pads

Was going to use these on my own fur suit but changed my mind after dry fitting them to my feet paws, decided to go with another material.Cat Friendly, Non-Smoking Home

Just-A-Little-Mixed-Up (3 )


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FIXER UPPER “protogen/Sergel” Head base

This is why I don’t make bases

TheSmolNoodle (0)


Fox tail

Only worn for pictures

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Custom Sized Fursuit

Custom sized fox digitigrade or plantigrade fullsuit. Foam head base made by me with nose and teeth by DVC. Feetpaws will be outdoor unless otherwise requested. This will...

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Green and White Fursuit Nub tail

green and white fursuit nub tail Used good quality Soft

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Pink/Ivory Digi Bodysuit w/ Attached Wings

Feetpaws and Tail NOT Included

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fursuit head base

By: Yeen Bean Creations

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Fursuit Hospital!

Fursuit Hospital for your fur babies

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Reindeer head

only head

EUR 600.00
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Shiny dragon head

Fixer upper dragon head

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Ned Head

Fixer upper NED head

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Watermelon wolf ear and tail set

Neon pink and neon green wolf ear and tail set. The ears have a white headband attached. 

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Premade Fursuit Collars - One size fits most

30+ patterns to choose from!

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Fixer-Upper Fursuit

Valentina the wolf was a homemade product of Cutedeer Illustrations.  She is made 100% from scratch, all patterns were made by me, and she needs some refurbishing!  She...

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Fixer-upper hoof base

Fixer-upper hooves for ppl with baby hands

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Custom Ears and Sets!

If bought and you'd like one of the sets, please PM me and I'll send you an invoice to pay the rest of the price. All payments below are flat price. Posable Ea...

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Fursuit hand hooves

Fursuit hand hooves made from faux fur and plush minky - ideal for completing a partial deer or other hoofer fursuit.These hand-hooves have lined fingers to accommodate a...

GBP 85.00
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Grizzly Bear (Realistic Partial Suit)

Partial suit w/upgrades available!

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Black and Pink Medium Tail

45cm (17.7")  Across49cm (19.2") Down109cm (42.9") CircumferenceBlack with Pink Streaks and Pink TipFaux fur is good quality (polyester-acrylic blend)Ultr...

GBP 35.00
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changeable fursuit eyes

fursuit eyes

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Fursuit Furry Cosplay Costume Black Animal Foot Sock Paw Size 10.5

These are some hand paws attached to sleeves. The reason I am selling them is that they don't fit me. The specifics are very simple: It is a 4 toe foot paw with mink...

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