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​酸っぱい Suppai - Brand New Kemono Fursuit

酸っぱい Suppai is a Brand New Kemono Fursuit!This is an Inari Fox Fursuit made by Rising Sun Kemono! We specialize in high quality Japanese style Kemono fursuits. Yo...

RSKemono (0)


Customizable Refurbished Outdoor Feetpaws

Many customization options available! PM to know more ✨

Geckoworks (1 )


Blue husky

Hello,We are selling this beautiful new blue husky partial. It has 3 hairpieces that you can change easily. We can also make a hairpiece that is not long or another col...

moonwolf (1 )

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Dog Fursuit Head Moving jaw Baes

 Item was used before me.The work I put into it was cutting out the ice in the nose off so you can put buck rub ice in any type of noise you want. Jaw needed some  Exte...

HinataUchihaCreations (0)


African Wild Dog Base Earless

Foam African Wild Dog Base w/ out ears

anileu (0)


Husky Tail

I'm accepting PayPal payments in USD only. You are more likely to receive the tail if you are able to pay in full right away. The tail is 1ft long, has two loops for...

SilhouetteStorm (0)


Artist Designed Sparkle Fox Partial

This is a brand new, artist designed partial suit that includes the head, hands, tail, and flower crown. The character rights come with the suit, so bring this cutie home...

ShortStackStudios (0)

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Beargamont - Bergamont Fursuit Spray + Sterilizer - 8oz + free US Shipping! :)

Made with 100% body safe materials, recyclable packaging and TLC.

saltypuppy (2 )


Fursuit tail and adopt

adopt that comes with a custom fursuit tail The tail is made of a short fur and a sparkly fabric at the end of the fin, it’s full of stuffing so it’s very soft, it h...

AUD 89.63
millomoore (0)



Paws; can be custom

FruitBasketDragon19 (0)


Large Fox Tail

Yu Puffin - Bringing daydreams to life

YuPuffin (0)


Brown Husky Curl Tail

Yu Puffin - Bringing daydreams to life

YuPuffin (0)


Brown Wolf Curl Tail

Yu Puffin - Bringing daydreams to life

YuPuffin (0)


Brown/Cream Curl Tail

Yu Puffin - Bringing daydreams to life

YuPuffin (0)


Black Handpaws

Yu Puffin - Bringing daydreams to life

YuPuffin (0)


*New Style* Dog Noses

New and Improved Design!

SimbaDoesStuff (1 )


Beige and Rose colored Fursuit Puffy Paws.

A pair of very comfy puffy fursuit paws made with short pile beige fur, dusty rose luxury shag, and baby blue colored minky. Paws are partially lined white thin and breat...

ZoeEliza (1 )


Purple, Blush, and White colored Dinosaur fursuit tail.

Tail measures about 15 inches. All furs are luxury shag, under part is shaved. Spikes made of teal linking fabric. Very strong belt loops and vinyl base.

ZoeEliza (1 )


Grey husky tail

bouncy and fluffy tail.

Xx_deadsunflowers_xx (0)


Fox head base

big floppy ears, pretty durable, a couple nicks here and there but other wise fine.

Xx_deadsunflowers_xx (0)


Jumbo Dachsund Bandana

Jumbo Fursuit Bandana 44" (Horizontal Length) by 30" (Diagonal Length) The super cute dachshund pattern is on both sides. You can attach it by tying it in a bow...

GBP 15.00
Miffyiscute4 (0)


Fursuit costume goggles

googgle scaled tot he size for you in fursuits

dallytaur (0)


The Hellhound Furry

The Hellhound furry

AUD 980.00
Hayley (0)


White 4 Finger Fursuit Puffy Paws

Main info: These puffy symmetrical fursuit paws were made by me, the seller. 100% hand sewn. The fur came from NewFabricsDaily on Etsy if you need extra fur/a swatch of ...

saltyseasadness (1 )


Dog Noses

Bright and colorful dog noses!

SimbaDoesStuff (1 )


Axolotl-Drake Fullsuit - Brand New

World, meet Charms! This unique blend of species has never before been worn to any convention or meetup, only ever to test dimensions and sturdiness. He's looking f...

CAD 2,300.00
Kyeth (0)


FIXER UPPER “protogen/Sergel” Head base

This is why I don’t make bases

TheSmolNoodle (0)