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Maui the Thylacine {Free shipping}

Barely Worn, Slight fixer upper

Solarheart-Creations (0)


Don't Hug Cacti Dalmatian Fursuit

Hi there, you are bidding on a used Don't Hug Cacti Dalmatian Fursuit! The suit is only a couple of years old and has been used only a handful of times! If you have ...

ChaseDalmatian (0)

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Daisy the Spring Mouse Fursuit Partial Premade

Brand new fursuit partial made by me, Pawstabilities. Head, paws, and tail.

Pawstabilities (0)

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Fox head and tail

Cute fox fursuit head with tail! Fits 20-23 inches ^-^

PrideMawsINC (0)

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*New* Sparkle Dog Partial

Suit features holographic eyelids, tongue, pawpads, claws, and spikes on the tail, as well as lots of pretty black sparkle fur! This suit was made as a collaboration betw...

Creative_Creature_Costumes (0)

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*New Style* Dog Noses

New and Improved Design!

SimbaDoesStuff (1 )


Customizable Refurbished Outdoor Feetpaws

Many customization options available! PM to know more ✨

Geckoworks (1 )


Canine fursuit head

Requires alterations

Noble1777 (0)

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Wolf Dog Huskie

Slightly used fursuit. Comes with digi legs, tail, head and paws. 

Dessythehyena (0)


ALIEN Pludo/Dragon Fursuit for Auction!

Brand new LED premade for sale! Excellent ventilation and very comfortable! Does not include digilegs shown.

Graffiti_Walker (0)

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Fursuit feet

Black feet

pepperthefox (0)


Moarte - Full Rights- Auction

Used and Referb[ READ DES. PLEASE]

Silitha (0)

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Black Blue and Yellow Wolf Partial

New wolf partial, comes with head, handpaws, and tail. Details:HEAD; fits best 20-25 inch, balaclava base, moving jaw, tongue and teeth, follow me eyes, above average vi...

WiahFurs (0)

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Feline partial

Mq-hq feline full partial with amazing vision and ventilation

stitchemfursuits (0)

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Penguin Mini Partial

This fursuit (built on a refurbed base by SavvyStudios) is fully lined, has excellent ventilation and great vision! It has 3D printed follow me eyes, a cute wiggly little...

HappytheFox (0)


Tango Tropical Bird Custom Fursuit Digiti

Made by Dandelions. Worn only one time, never to a meet up or convention! Made for a person approximately 5’3” and average weight. Feet fit about 6.5-8 shoe size. ...

marsydmor (1 )


Red Canine Fursuit Tail

Red canine fursuit tail featuring double elastic belt loops for a firmer hold.

GBP 28.00
Roxirin (0)


Cute Floppy ear Dog, Head Tail and Paws Mini partial

Handmade mini Partial made by me. Fur colours are green, purple. Fleese face is Flesh colour, with green markings. !New maker! !been making for 1 year!

GBP 200.00
Fursuit_adv0cat3 (0)


Foam Canine Base

Ready to fur foam canine base 

BrindledNerd (0)


Vic The Candy Corn Raccoon

Entirely hand sewn head, super lightweight and amazing ventilation! He features an intricate design, pickable nose, and cute lil teef! Tail and paws are store bought, bu...

emersonlynx (0)

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3D Printed Gauges, Magnetic

Set of two gauges

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (6 )


Paint splatter monster partial suit

A lovely monster girl

GoldRibbonStudio (2 )


(imperfection) sparkle purple and white nub tail

fur has a slight imperfection

CryptidCarnivalCreations (0)


3D printed eye blanks (squishable)

This listing is for one pair of 3D printed fursuit eye blanks.We are open for custom designs, as well as the existing designs you see here. Existing designs can be modif...

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (6 )


2 year old suit for sale

Needs a loving home.

Pokemariwolf (0)


Bat Fursuit Head (Only worn twice)

My girlfriend is selling her fursuit head and would really like him gone. His name is Alex and he's a Honduran White bat fursona.Maker is red crocodile creationsThe ...

stonepanther77 (0)

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light brown speckled nub tail

nub tailspeckled brown on top, white on bottom2 belt loops for support made by Cryptid Carnival Creationswe are not responsible for any damages that happen during shippi...

CryptidCarnivalCreations (0)