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wickerbeast fullsuit

Wickerbeast fullsuit Body size L EU (1,73m EU), head M/L, shoe side 39 EU.Only used for taking pictures indoors, 3-4 times Made by me ^^

MioSama (0)

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Canine Skull Skully Halloween Fursuit Head

For sale is a semi-realistic canine skull mask I made for Anthrocon 2018's Movie Monsters theme and worn once during the fursuit parade. It's made of white smoo...

Astaria (0)

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​酸っぱい Suppai - Brand New Kemono Fursuit

酸っぱい Suppai is a Brand New Kemono Fursuit!This is an Inari Fox Fursuit made by Rising Sun Kemono! We specialize in high quality Japanese style Kemono fursuits. Yo...

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Premade Fursuit Collars - One size fits most

30+ patterns to choose from!

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Furry Fursuit Brown Tan Lion Partial Head Paws Armsleeves Tail

Comes with:Lined HeadFits 22" to POSSIBLY 23"Clay teethAccidental Moving JawLined PawsArm sleevesTailEverything was made/sewn by me! Patterns were also by me EX...

DJSplash13 (0)


Lemonbrat Mouse (Bella Sugar)

*SELLING @lemonbrat MOUSE*I’m selling my 2016 lemonbrat full suit.Currently looking at offers she comes with over 50 physical pieces, 100 digital pieces, 2 pairs of f...

doqqueen (0)


Snicker the Hyena

Artistic Freedom Partial, can be upgraded to fullsuit

AUD 2,250.00
Kaikirith (0)


African Wild Dog Base Earless

Foam African Wild Dog Base w/ out ears

anileu (0)


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Head:  -papier-mâché fortified with epoxy resin; - teeth, horns, eyes and eyelids from the mass of papier-mâché; -ears made from mat; painted fur; - Inside, y...

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HQ Aussie head and tail

HQ Australian shepherd fursuit. 50% off regular price

NyacWolf (0)

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Evil wolf fursuit head

This brand new evil wolf is looking for a home!! -head can fit 23" -removable eyelids -good vision and breathability -light weight, made by foam -FREE set of handpa...

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Black paws with pink paw pads and white claws, no lining but still comfortable has cuffs and no puffy paws.Original maker: Creaturecreationsandcostumes 

GBP 175.00
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wickerbeast fullsuit

Wickerbeast fullsuit Body size L EU (1,73m EU), head M/L, shoe side 39 EU.Only used for taking pictures indoors, 3-4 times Made by me ^^

MioSama (0)

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Angel Dragon Head

Selling my old fursuit head but before bought there will be a contract stating that the head must be redesigned before the end of 2020. This is because I plan to keep the...

LightsAflame (0)


flower crown for ear

used for only ears on fursuits 

Alex-the-snake (0)


Deer Hoof Bottom

Hoofs are made with  PETG only, no other materials may be substituted. Rated for up to 300 pounds and weather/outdoor proof. For custom features, please send us a mes...

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (6 )


Greg the judgmental sergal

This fursuit head comes as a 23 in head with adjustable straps. The bases with fuzzbutt fursuits and is a moving job. Teeth have also been 3D printed and added to the hea...

Nekobunny (0)


Rat Tail

Beastmech Creations

Axhirs (4 )


Kemono Fursuit Partial Plush Art

Selling my kemono otter fursona Hanamomo! Comes with mini partial (head, handpaws, tail), custom plush by Wonderland Arts by Lin Davis, full character rights, 2 digital r...

Cosmicaxolotl (0)


Basilisk partial

Brand new!! Only worn for photos!! foam base, will fit 22-24”Slip-off paws for easy use of handsGreat field of vision (range shown)MASSIVE 98 inch tail (surprisingly ...

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Fursuit commissions

We are open for artistic liberty suits or we are open for head bases and fursuit parts. Visit us on Instagram @lionsden_fursuits

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Toony African Wild Dog fullsuit by MyFurCreations

The model in the photos is 6.0". The bodysuit will fit baggy on anyone shorter than 5.7".  This fullsuit will fit comfortably on performers 5.7" to 6.0&q...

Mfcs (2 )


Canine fursuit head

Requires alterations

Noble1777 (0)

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Grumpy eye blanks


Rapid-Proto_Dragon (6 )



fursuit by scarrel creations, only isopod fursuit

isopod (1 )


Puppy Premade Partial

BRAND NEW! Head, Tail, Arm Sleeves, & Hand Paws!

Betsy_the_chipmunk (5 )

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Hand Paws for Partial

New gloves for partial! One size fits all. American fur "Shaggy; Amber". Never worn. Knitted lining.Plastic Claws.

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Goat Monster fullsuit

Collab with Bokubunbun

Thewendigoworkshop (4 )

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