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Realistic White Canine Partial

Realistic white wolf/canine partial, lightly used- head contains fan.

Spirit--Productions (0)

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Partial Fursuit Cartoon Wolf

Mini partial with head, paws and tail. Item includes two sided reference sheet and laminated badge with name of your choice.

GBP 300.00
Manex57 (0)

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Black Sock Paws

Fits better on large feet, filled with poly fill lined and cuffed.

BearSmug (0)


Fursuit Head


neuroticsoulgobbler (0)


Striped Tails - 41" Length

message me if you'd like a custom color, I'll make it without a fee if I have the fur in stock

oniopteryx (1 )


Grey and White Mixed Fur Tail

Made with Faux Fur, Elastic, Thread, Poly-fill, and Love.

ZellasCreationsCo (0)


Borzoi premade fursuit head

Brand new premade borzoi fursuit head!

fancyfishfursuits (0)


Partial Husky Premade - Abby's Armory

Mini partial suit. Comes with head, paws, large tail, rights to character and laminated badge with custom art.

Abbys_Armory (0)

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Orange feet paws

Orange and white feet paws with yellow paw pads

StinkyDemon (0)


White Fursuit Costume Hand Paw Sleeves

This is my pair of fursuit handpaw sleeves. They are designed to be fullarm and were originally designed for a Riolu suit, which I am also selling. It is made with white ...

pentrep (0)


Dolphin Kemono Partial

This is a LQ-MQ head and my first minky work, it has imperfections

Ducky_d_studios (0)


Maroon Canine Mini Partial

REDUCED PRICE!!!! Due To Conventions Being Cancelled Because Of The COVID-19 Pandemic, I Have Reduced The Price Of This Canine mini Partial. I NEED THIS PARTIAL GONE ASAP...

JCpremadecreations (1 )


Foam Canine Base

Ready to fur foam canine base 

BrindledNerd (0)


MQ-HQ Semi-realistic Bunny partial

A little cute bunny who needs a new home! (Read description for info)

iopprincess (0)

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Bird Fursuit Head

Bird fursuit head for sale! Comes with a head only. It is fully lined with no foam exposed. It has follow me eyes and feathers on the back of the head. The head uses a fl...

spookscreations (0)

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Dragon Headbase Adopt

fursuit headbase adopt comes with a built in Baklava, eye blanks, etc

Undeadkaiju (0)


HQ paws and tail

universal sized paws and large tail w/ belt strap 

anch0red (0)

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Puppy Partial Suit

Cute puppy partial suit looking for their forever home!

Candro (0)


Fursuit project

Started this but have no time since my cat is sick.All items were kept in storage on the other side of the house away from animals.Includes a finished tail, about 2 yards...

WingWong (24 )

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MQ Grey Wolf Fursuit

-MQ Grey Wolf (HEAD ONLY)-Will come with extra fur and accessories.-Made in October 2019-Worn to 3 Meet ups and for pictures-Good ventilation and eyesight

MonsterMuttCreations (0)

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DIY Fox fursuit

Work in progress fursuit, tail, hand paws, foam base, all fur needed to fur base, fur patterns cut out, buckram for eyes, all that is needed is sewing the fur up and plac...

Rofipaws (0)

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DVC Resin Canine Base

With Straight Hinge, Silicone Nose, Jaw and Silicone Tongue Attached.

Just-A-Little-Mixed-Up (4 )


Cat 3d-printable model

STL model of a cat with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (5 )



Head:  -papier-mâché fortified with epoxy resin; - teeth, horns, eyes and eyelids from the mass of papier-mâché; -ears made from mat; painted fur; - Inside, y...

Sofi_Leru (1 )

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Legoshi / Legosi beastars cosplay partial fursuit

EDIT: I made some small adjustments to the head since I put for auction this partial, therefore the pictures with the model are slightly edited so they match the current ...

Riotiro (0)

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Louis beastars cosplay partial fursuit

This is a partial for cosplaying Louis from the anime and manga Beastars. Made with high quality faux short brown fur and sturdy velvet-like material for the horns.  

Riotiro (0)

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Dino Mask Fursuits

Two dino masks being sold togetherone is furred one is painted

Undeadkaiju (0)

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Ned Head

Fixer upper NED head

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