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Canine fursuit head

Requires alterations

Noble1777 (0)

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Fox/Wolf Partial - Nick & Lacy

Partial used by Nick & Lacy

DenDen (1 )


Big Cat Foam Headbase - Kloofsuits Pattern

Big Cat Foam Headbase made with Kloofsuits Pattern on Etsy. 

PigeonFeathers (0)

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!New kimono husky!

This suit has a lots of special details and some lovely acrylic domkimono eyes

Lumpmac (2 )

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fuzzbutt opossum base with extras

feminine opossum blank, fitting eye blanks, installed jawset and chin stop, some foam padding, tongue

Sockish (3 )


Wolf Dog Huskie

Slightly used fursuit. Comes with digi legs, tail, head and paws. 

Dessythehyena (0)


Cute Purple Wolf Partial, Comes With 2 Tails!

Hello! The head and paws of this gorgeous girl were made by FluffyFoxFursuits on insta. The tails and sleeves were made by me. I bought her brand new and she has only be...

wonderwaifu (2 )


Lemonbrat Mouse (Bella Sugar)

*SELLING @lemonbrat MOUSE*I’m selling my 2016 lemonbrat full suit.Currently looking at offers she comes with over 50 physical pieces, 100 digital pieces, 2 pairs of f...

doqqueen (0)


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Angel Dragon Head

Selling my old fursuit head but before bought there will be a contract stating that the head must be redesigned before the end of 2020. This is because I plan to keep the...

LightsAflame (0)


SVC Lynx Fullsuit

Lynx fullsuit, indoor feet.

thugcorpseinc (0)

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PINKY - Glamorous SPARKLED suit!

Just look at this cutie! No doubt you will make everyone around you run to hug you! Did you ever see sparkled covering for fursuits?

FurryStudio (0)

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Bear Resin Base and Parts

Not just the bear necessities here

kanat1385 (2 )

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wickerbeast fullsuit

Wickerbeast fullsuit Body size L EU (1,73m EU), head M/L, shoe side 39 EU.Only used for taking pictures indoors, 3-4 times Made by me ^^

MioSama (0)

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Black paws with pink paw pads and white claws, no lining but still comfortable has cuffs and no puffy paws.Original maker: Creaturecreationsandcostumes 

GBP 175.00
The_white_kitsune_workshop (0)


Evil wolf fursuit head

This brand new evil wolf is looking for a home!! -head can fit 23" -removable eyelids -good vision and breathability -light weight, made by foam -FREE set of handpa...

MaoLuFursuit (0)

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Aqua Blue and Neon Green Nub Tail

Aqua Blue and Neon Green Nub Tail with belt loop and squeaker

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Neon Green and Light Pink Nub Tail

Neon Green and Light Pink Nub Tail with belt loop and squeaker

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Neon Green and Purple Nub Tail

Neon Green and Purple Nub Tail with belt loop and squeaker

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Purple and Neon Green Nub Tail

Purple and Neon Green Nub Tail with belt loop and squeaker

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Purple and Light Pink Nub Tail

Purple and Light Pink Nub Tail with belt loop and squeaker

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MQ-HQ Semi-realistic Bunny partial

A little cute bunny who needs a new home! (Read description for info)

iopprincess (0)

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Black and Green Handpaws

Yu Puffin - Bringing daydreams to life

YuPuffin (0)


Golden fox handpaws - MQ

A golden brown base color with white fingers and purple pawpads.Lined and ready to use!

viccylove (0)


HQ Aussie head and tail

HQ Australian shepherd fursuit. 50% off regular price

NyacWolf (0)

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Head:  -papier-mâché fortified with epoxy resin; - teeth, horns, eyes and eyelids from the mass of papier-mâché; -ears made from mat; painted fur; - Inside, y...

Sofi_Leru (1 )

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fursuit cat

head and gloves on sale.Shipping is included in the price ($ 50).delivery to the USA.EMS delivery service

lazySneg (0)


Orange Saber Tooth Partial

Hello Lovlies!Let me introduce you to this cool dude! Orange is a saber tooth who is looking for some cool peeps to hang with! If you are looking for a comfortable suit t...

QuirkyArtist (0)

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Purple Bone Fursuit Sleeves and Paws

I have recently changed this characters design, so these sleeves and paws do not get much use anymore. I have worn them about 5 times (for a short amount of time) and the...

Raynamenta (0)

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