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4 days, 4h 18m
Chutney (0)
Canada, Ontario

Horse Tail Silver & White

Partial Fursuit Tail

0 bids
4 days, 3h 44m
TwinBlueChimera (5 )
United States, Illinois
AUD 775.00
0 bids
4 days, 0h 59m
Tylas_Furcrations (0)
Australia, New South Wales

River Otter (Toony Partial Suit)

Partial suit w/upgrades available!

SparkleKreations (0)
United States, Colorado

Snow Leopard (Semi-Realistic Partial Suit)

Partial suit w/upgrades available!

SparkleKreations (0)
United States, Colorado

Digitigrade Bodysuit

Gently used and ready for a new home!

3 days, 5h 6m
Wran (1 )
United States, Georgia

Marble Fox realistic partial

Brand new fursuit by Melissa Mendelson Art / ZulayaWolf

2 days, 15h 45m
Zulaya (2 )
United States, Ohio

Beast Makers Canine Light Partial + Character Rights

High Quality Light Partial made in 2018

0 bids
2 days, 8h 28m
havnters (0)
United States, Missouri

Fursuit BADGES

FURSUIT BADGES designed by Star Fur Art Oz

AUD 20.00
1 day, 20h 7m
majesticnash (0)
Australia, New South Wales

Canine Mini Partial Fursuit

Newly made canine mini partial fursuit

MelodyWolf (0)
United States, Indiana
1 day, 8h 41m
azorukon (2 )
United States, Florida
7 days, 7h 1m
Rocalender13 (0)
United States, Virginia

Snuggels the dutch angel dragon

Fullsuit dutch angel dragon

EUR 800.00
39 days, 11h 36m
Zorayatb (0)
Netherlands, Overijssel

Heartbeat Husky Partial Fursuit

Brand new head, tail, hands by Yu Puffin

4h 4m
YuPuffin (0)
United States, Washington

Demon Dog Partial + Lots of Art and Stickers

Vibrant UV reflective Demon Dog

raeraefox (0)
Australia, Queensland

Liepard semi-realistic style Pokemon Cosplay

Fullsuit with extra sleeves to partial

Oshi (3 )
United States, Pennsylvania

Rainbow Clip-on Ears

Barrettes that clip in your hair or on a hat.

Kattywampus (1 )
United States, Arizona
BRRVV127 (0)
United States, Florida

"The Furry Agenda" Black and White Rave Fur Tail

Never Worn, Strong belt loops

BRRVV127 (0)
United States, Florida
WildDreamCreatures (0)
United States, Utah