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*New Style* Dog Noses

New and Improved Design!

SimbaDoesStuff (1 )


Maui the Thylacine {Free shipping}

Barely Worn, Slight fixer upper

Solarheart-Creations (0)


Customizable Refurbished Outdoor Feetpaws

Many customization options available! PM to know more ✨

Geckoworks (1 )


Daisy the Spring Mouse Fursuit Partial Premade

Brand new fursuit partial made by me, Pawstabilities. Head, paws, and tail.

Pawstabilities (0)

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Fox head and tail

Cute fox fursuit head with tail! Fits 20-23 inches ^-^

PrideMawsINC (0)

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Don't Hug Cacti Dalmatian Fursuit

Hi there, you are bidding on a used Don't Hug Cacti Dalmatian Fursuit! The suit is only a couple of years old and has been used only a handful of times! If you have ...

ChaseDalmatian (0)

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Canine fursuit head

Requires alterations

Noble1777 (0)

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*New* Sparkle Dog Partial

Suit features holographic eyelids, tongue, pawpads, claws, and spikes on the tail, as well as lots of pretty black sparkle fur! This suit was made as a collaboration betw...

Creative_Creature_Costumes (0)

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Matching lime green black legwarmers and armsleeves

Used but washed and in great condition. 

deadogg (0)

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Otter premade Fursuit head/Partial

Otter with a space theme Paws are optional (would be discussed elsewhere, not on dealers den )

EUR 1,000.00
Nanami_Akaya (0)


Candy Bunny Premade Partial

Adorable candy themed bunny partial just waiting to be picked up! They include a fully lined head, fully lined paws, and a tail with belt loops that fit up to a 2" w...

HighlighterSmoothieSuits (0)


Fursuit - Terian Maincutton (with character rights)

Fursuit Psrtial - Toony CatNO CHARACTER RIGHTS

Terian-TT (0)

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Crypto Destroy All Humans mascot fursuit

Mascot costume of Crypto 137 from the Destroy All Humans video game franchise. Character is owned by THQ.

MissDdy (0)

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Celestial Fox Premade DISCOUNTED!

Head, Paws, and Tail!

SpindleSpice (1 )

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Toucan Fursuit (Kaiala)

Toco Toucn fursuit, made in 2019 by SearaWolfie (Instagram)

GBP 350.00
searawolfie (0)

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Fully custom four finger fursuit hand paws!These paws are made of super quality 100% faux fur, a soft inside lining, soft fabric cuffs, and your choice of vinyl or fleece...

GBP 80.00
chupacabrra (0)


Old fursuit head

Need this to be gone

Thiunderblue (0)

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Dexter- monster mutt

Head base, kigu, art, character rights.

Dexterouscreations (0)


Fixer-Upper Sabertooth Digitigrade Fursuit

Yellow, white, and yellow sabertooth looking to be fixed and find a forever home!

Dominiczka (1 )

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Canine fursuit head

Requires alterations

Noble1777 (0)

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Shepherd/Wolf Character +Partial+Art

Denim The Shepherd Wolf Partial Fursuit

TimberDutchy (0)

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Goat Monster fullsuit

Collab with Bokubunbun

Thewendigoworkshop (4 )

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Skull dog with fleece skull

Come with the head, hand paws, tail, and a ref sheet.

CAD 410.00
StitchedTails (0)

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Blue husky

Hello,We are selling this beautiful new blue husky partial. It has 3 hairpieces that you can change easily. We can also make a hairpiece that is not long or another col...

moonwolf (1 )

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Wolf partial

Hello, We are selling this beautiful new wolf partial. Made from foam and quality fur. Comfortable and nice see-through via tear ducts. No airbrush, just fur so eas...

moonwolf (1 )

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Pink Fox Partial

Hello, We are selling this beautiful new pink fox partial. It has 2 hairpieces that you can change easily. Made from foam and quality fur. Comfortable and nice see-thro...

moonwolf (1 )

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Nub Tail

Gray and Burgundy Nub Tail

Izzyratbit (0)


Yellow and Black Nub Tail

Bee themed nub tail

Izzyratbit (0)