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Chow Chow Mix Mini Partial *NEW*

Chow chow mix mini partial for sale! Fits up to size 23” heads and small/medium hands. He features a detailed mouth, pickable nose, magnetic tongue, and floppy ears!

Creative_Creature_Costumes (0)

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Artist Designed Sparkle Fox Partial

This is a brand new, artist designed partial suit that includes the head, hands, tail, and flower crown. The character rights come with the suit, so bring this cutie home...

ShortStackStudios (0)

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Parrot head premade

Brand new St Lucia parrot head! Fully lined, fits 21”-23”

Suitasaurus (0)

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​酸っぱい Suppai - Brand New Kemono Fursuit

酸っぱい Suppai is a Brand New Kemono Fursuit!This is an Inari Fox Fursuit made by Rising Sun Kemono! We specialize in high quality Japanese style Kemono fursuits. Yo...

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Email for more info, or check my buy 2500

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Customizable Refurbished Outdoor Feetpaws

Many customization options available! PM to know more ✨

Geckoworks (1 )


Premade Fursuit Collars - One size fits most

30+ patterns to choose from!

CaffeinatedConfetti (0)


Puppy Premade Partial

BRAND NEW! Head, Tail, Arm Sleeves, & Hand Paws!

Betsy_the_chipmunk (5 )

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Larger white and black canine tail

Belt loop has broken off, so that will need to be added. I can do it for a $20 fee, though. 

terminallyArisen (2 )


Purple, Blush, and White colored Dinosaur fursuit tail.

Tail measures about 15 inches. All furs are luxury shag, under part is shaved. Spikes made of teal linking fabric. Very strong belt loops and vinyl base.

ZoeEliza (1 )


Plastic Manokit head base

3D printed PET-G plastic head base for manokit fursuit 

StiasHann (0)


Big Cat Foam Headbase - Kloofsuits Pattern

Big Cat Foam Headbase made with Kloofsuits Pattern on Etsy. 

PigeonFeathers (0)

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Brown and Tan Paws

A set of natural colored handpaws with a pop of blue.

KaijuKreations (1 )


Black and Yellow Puffy Paws

A pair of puffy paws fit for any fursuit or partial. These are clawless with stuffed pawpads and fingers.

KaijuKreations (1 )


Canine headbase

Canine headbase commissioned from Acdraincloud on IG. High quality lined with balaclava material received it in 2017 and never had the chance to work on it. Worn only twi...

Skullgardens (0)

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DVC Wolf Foam Base

Brand new, has a slight mark on it from all the moving around I've gone through in the last few years.A few cuts on the back when I was about to start hollowing it o...

Just-A-Little-Mixed-Up (3 )


Semi-Realistic Moving Jaw Unicorn Head!

Unknown maker; Refurbished by KnightNox.

KnightNox (0)

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Mermaid sequin canine tail

Super fluffy!

Queen_Pendas (0)


Husky Tail

I'm accepting PayPal payments in USD only. You are more likely to receive the tail if you are able to pay in full right away. The tail is 1ft long, has two loops for...

SilhouetteStorm (0)


FIXER UPPER “protogen/Sergel” Head base

This is why I don’t make bases

TheSmolNoodle (0)


White fursuit tail

elling this tail, 70$Will brush and spray with fursuit spray when bought, shipping to the us is 8$ and international 20$ worn a few times then thrown back in storage, I d...

Bondagebirdhouse (0)


Blue puffy handpaws

Extra puffy handpaws

Geckoworks (1 )


Fursuit feet

Black feet

pepperthefox (0)


chibi dragon foam base

cast of my chibi dragon base, uncut

EUR 70.00
BIAB_Ikkyu (0)


22" Knitted ScaleMail Dragon Tail Green With Red Hearts

hand-knitted metal scalemail dragon tail

Wolfdragonworks (1 )


UV reactive canine tail!

Tail that glows under blacklight and super soft!

FeralTigerCreations (0)


Fursuit Furry Cosplay Costume White Animal Tail

This a tail I no longer want. The tail was designed after a white riolu but could be used for anything. It is approximately 21" in length and has a strap attached to...

pentrep (0)


Custom Head Bases

i have custom head base commissions open! I do use templates, so if you have a template you like, don't hesitate to mention it! Contact me if you're interested.

Modishmargaymakers (0)