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Dingo or Dhole Tail

This is a 3 color natural colored dingo or dhole tail. The heather fur is a shorter pile length from the amber and brown, but the lighter brown hairs over the black under...

TheDemonFerret (2 )


Canine fursuit head

Requires alterations

Noble1777 (0)

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Yellow Throated Marten Premade by Frouzon

Comes with removable eyelids and fursuit sized bandana!

Frouzon (1 )

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Canine headbase

Canine headbase commissioned from Acdraincloud on IG. High quality lined with balaclava material received it in 2017 and never had the chance to work on it. Worn only twi...

Skullgardens (0)

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Big Cat Foam Headbase - Kloofsuits Pattern

Big Cat Foam Headbase made with Kloofsuits Pattern on Etsy. 

PigeonFeathers (0)

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!New kimono husky!

This suit has a lots of special details and some lovely acrylic domkimono eyes

Lumpmac (2 )

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Custom Fursuit Head

Beastmech Creations

Axhirs (4 )


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Toony African Wild Dog fullsuit by MyFurCreations

The model in the photos is 6.0". The bodysuit will fit baggy on anyone shorter than 5.7".  This fullsuit will fit comfortably on performers 5.7" to 6.0&q...

Mfcs (2 )


Cute Floppy ear Dog, Head Tail and Paws Mini partial

Handmade mini Partial made by me. Fur colours are green, purple. Fleese face is Flesh colour, with green markings. !New maker! !been making for 1 year!

GBP 200.00
Fursuit_adv0cat3 (0)


15" Faux Fur Fox Tail

Unpainted [thick]

GoldMouseStudios (0)



Asriel fursuit head and tail from Undertale

FurDreamWorks (0)

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Sequoia the Lynx Realistic Fursuit Partial

Brand new partial by Melissa Mendelson Art, designed by SaberDani

Zulaya (3 )


Paint splatter monster partial suit

A lovely monster girl

GoldRibbonStudio (2 )


Magenta Clip-on Ears

Barrettes that clip in your hair or on a hat.

Kattywampus (4 )


Cheetah/Borzoi hybrid realistic Fursuit (add ons available)

Brand new fursuit by Melissa Mendelson Art / ZulayaWolf

Zulaya (3 )


Bat Fursuit

Medium Quality fursuitGood ventilation with great visionFits around 23 inch head or smallervery few glued seamseyes are made with foamies and buckramNose and ears are mad...

VulpineCreations (0)

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Green and White Fursuit Nub tail

green and white fursuit nub tail Used good quality Soft

Fwufferzwolfaroo (0)


Exodus/angel dragon full partial(fixer upper)

Feel free to send an offer, the worst I can do is say no. I got this partial in a trade but it’s not in great shape and I don’t have the time to really fix it. It’s...

Reikihyena (0)


Customizable Refurbished Outdoor Feetpaws

Many customization options available! PM to know more ✨

Geckoworks (1 )


Beige and Rose colored Fursuit Puffy Paws.

A pair of very comfy puffy fursuit paws made with short pile beige fur, dusty rose luxury shag, and baby blue colored minky. Paws are partially lined white thin and breat...

ZoeEliza (1 )


Leopard Dog Partial

Happy to present our Brand New Partial of a Leopard Dog made by Firefly Studio 

Skawer (0)

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Dutch Angel Dragon head

New Dutch angel dragon head

angeldragon5 (0)

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5 Yards of Baby Blue Luxury Shag Fur

Brand new!

Secretsof2113 (0)


*New Style* Dog Noses

New and Improved Design!

SimbaDoesStuff (1 )


Premade Kemono Dragon Fursuit Head

Made by Twilight Knights Cosplay 

Bootleg (0)

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Paws; can be custom

FruitBasketDragon19 (0)


Amazing Cat fullsuit

Cheap cat fullsuit in great condition!

Moonthecat (0)

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