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Wolf Fursuit head only! LQ Pink and white

One LQ Pink and white wolf head! Can add on tail puffy paws for 55$ extra! (Cost of fabrics n materials) 

Erisolfurs (0)


White Tail With Grey Tip

Made with Faux Fur, Elastic, Thread, Poly-fill, and Love.

ZellasCreationsCo (0)


Fursuit Commissions by Huckleberry

HQ Fursuit Commissions

huckleberry (0)


Manokit 3d-printable model

STL model of a manokit with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (6 )


Fox/Wolf Partial - Nick & Lacy

Partial used by Nick & Lacy

DenDen (1 )


Reindeer Fursuit Head

Lined Reindeer Fursuit Character Rights

PatcherSuits (0)


Pink and Blue Husky Partial

Includes option to upgrade to a fullsuit! 

Crunchycroc (0)

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Snicker the Hyena

Artistic Freedom Partial, can be upgraded to fullsuit

AUD 2,250.00
Kaikirith (0)


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2 yards purple fox from FS

Brand new. Just not what I was looking for.Price include shipping in USA. No international.

WingWong (24 )


White planti bodysuit

Has been worn to a few events. Entire thing hand sewn but holds up just fine. Seams may pop due to activity since that’s common for bodysuits to do with weight change a...

WingWong (24 )

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UNFINISHED fursuit project

BUYER MUST FINISH THIS THEMSELVES. IT IS NOT CURRENTLY WEARABLE.Personal project that was dropped so I’m letting someone else finish it. I will also throw in the charac...

WingWong (24 )


Fursuit collar

Does fit with a head on. Is larger for normal necks. Band width is one inch. No international.Sold as is.Price includes shipping in USA.

WingWong (24 )


Brown leather collar

Never worn. I believe it's real leather. 

gotebloke (4 )

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Purple fursuit collar

Only wore it once. Perfect condition like new. It's plenty big enough to wear with a fursuit head. I'm unsure of the maker. It was purchased at BLFC 2019. 

gotebloke (4 )

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plush Grey tail

only ship in US

Studio_Sphynx (0)

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✶New!✶ Rabbit head with Character art~

A brand new, high quality fursuit head by Just Fur Us! with full character rights and two pieces of art included! 

JustFurUs (2 )

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Dragon Tail red and black fluffy dragon

A Fluffy dragon tail with long black fur on the top and a short red fur on the bottom. 

viccylove (0)


Royal Blue Fursuit Bandana with Bones and Paw Prints

Can be personalized :)

EUR 20.00
UlyssesBG (0)


Purple Fursuit Bandana with Bones and Paw Prints

Can be personalized :)

EUR 20.00
UlyssesBG (0)


Fursuit Bandana with Pineapples

Can be personalized :)

EUR 20.00
UlyssesBG (0)


Fursuit Partial

Brand new and waiting for you!

FurryPhantoms (0)

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Ganon-Doggo Fursuit Head

This Auction is for a wolf/dog fursuit head loosely based off of Ganondorf.

Therabbitssoul (0)

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Gryphon Fur Head New

Gryphon Fur Head New: Fur of the best quality, very soft. Good vision and great breathability.Payment: Only Paypal. Shipping: worldwide

BeckyStudios (0)

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Nub tail

Small nub tail brown undercoat with ivory/cream bottom  Double looped very durable and bouncy can be used for a variety of species Bunny deer rabbit hare canine even r...

prettypuppy (2 )


Custom Fursuit Partial

A custom fursuit partial just for you!

Coffeedemon (0)


Full Purple Fursuit By Tumble Dry

Purple foxy pre-made suit by Tumble Dry Fursuits! 

tumbledrysuits (3 )

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Wolf skull base printable model kit

Wolf skull fursuit base model kit for personal 3d-printing

polygony (3 )


Fursuit Slot Ladder Auction

Bonus slot for September completion. Can be a partial all the way up to a plush suit.

liquidsunshinestudios (0)

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