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Cotton Candy Lion Tail

Cotton candy lion tail with belt loops and a squeaker

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Grey and White Mixed Fur Tail

Made with Faux Fur, Elastic, Thread, Poly-fill, and Love.

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large nub tail

white, blue, and black nub tail.all hand sewn by me, decorabones/BY2CREATURES fursuits

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Spotted feline Sockpaws with white toes and brown pads

These sock paws are worn less than an hour and therefore could be considered like new. I bought these paws two years ago by AlphaDogs therefore they were not made by myse...

EUR 80.00
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Choose Your Colors! Husky Faux Fur Fursuit Tail - Made to Order - by Kilcodo

Here is a handmade faux-fur tail perfect for your costuming needs! Each tail measures 24" in length. They are made with 100% artificial materials, so NO real ani...

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Yellow Throated Marten Premade by Frouzon

Comes with removable eyelids and fursuit sized bandana!

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Deer fullsuit

Condition: Suit has only been worn a few times. Basically brand new.Maker: MadebymuttmixWeight: 115-135 (max)Height: 5'-5'4"Shoesize: 6-7Short term payment...

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Dingo or Dhole Tail

This is a 3 color natural colored dingo or dhole tail. The heather fur is a shorter pile length from the amber and brown, but the lighter brown hairs over the black under...

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Light partial

Hello I'm selling a light partial  I got as a down payment  on a trade I'm not sure of the maker but I can always ask the original owner  again There is no...

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Fursuit shark tail

Made from luxury shag fur28 inches longHangs downward

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Sky Blue Fennec Plantigrade Fursuit (No Feetpaws)

This fursuit was made back in early 2018. Includes a head, handpaws, bodysuit, tail. It does not have feetpaws. Please read full description before buying.

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Zebra Unicorn Hybrid Light Partial

This listing includes a 3D printed head w/ fan attachment rechargeable battery pack, 4 finger small puffy paws, poseable tail, and head accessories (bows).

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Aqua Blue and Neon Green Nub Tail

Aqua Blue and Neon Green Nub Tail with belt loop and squeaker

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Neon Green and Light Pink Nub Tail

Neon Green and Light Pink Nub Tail with belt loop and squeaker

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Neon Green and Purple Nub Tail

Neon Green and Purple Nub Tail with belt loop and squeaker

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Purple and Neon Green Nub Tail

Purple and Neon Green Nub Tail with belt loop and squeaker

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Purple and Light Pink Nub Tail

Purple and Light Pink Nub Tail with belt loop and squeaker

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Red Panda Head (Incomplete)

This fursuit head was made in 2016, but I left it incomplete for the eyes. Buyer can choose the eye color and tongue color. 

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MQ-HQ Semi-realistic Bunny partial

A little cute bunny who needs a new home! (Read description for info)

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Dragon/Dutchie Style Tail

Fluffy hand sewn Dragon/Dutchie tail — see full description for more in depth details.

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Pixel arctic fox white and rainbow

A Long white tail with rainbow markings and a fluffy rainbow tip.Ready to ship and ready to wear!

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Persian cat fursuit hands and tail paws

Super cute puffy paws and a long curved tail in the likings of a persian cat. 350$ And get a matching creative freedome/ Artist design fursuit head. (you may choose spec...

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Black and White Tail

1ft Black and White Tail (Not made by me) 

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Black Fursuit Handpaws

One pare of Referbished black hand paws

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New Red Panda Padded Fursuit

Look as sweet as a beloved Japanese confection in this mesmerizing fursuit by Mostly Bad!  Become the center of attention with removable and interchangeable normal and ...

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Custom Fursuit Heads!

Fursuit Parts, head only

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Golden Retriever Premade

Ladder auction for the design shown. 

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