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Premade Fursuit Collars - One size fits most

30+ patterns to choose from!

CaffeinatedConfetti (0)


$250 head commissions

Any species, any color(s). I love a challenge!! The pictures are examples of past commissions. 

AcerWorse (0)


Fox head and tail

Cute fox fursuit head with tail! Fits 20-23 inches ^-^

PrideMawsINC (0)

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Spotted feline Sockpaws with white toes and brown pads

These sock paws are worn less than an hour and therefore could be considered like new. I bought these paws two years ago by AlphaDogs therefore they were not made by myse...

EUR 80.00
Sliver (1 )


Bat Fursuit Head (Only worn twice)

My girlfriend is selling her fursuit head and would really like him gone. His name is Alex and he's a Honduran White bat fursona.Maker is red crocodile creationsThe ...

stonepanther77 (0)

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Fullsuit and Reference Sheet

A new bull fullsuit, under the name Red-Rock. Wjen you put him on the back zips up for an easy fit. He comes with his reference sheet. Just trying to see how much somebod...

Youngblooberry (0)

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Grey and White Tail

Made with Faux Fur, Elastic, Thread, Poly-fill, and Love.

ZellasCreationsCo (0)


Purple Fox Mini Partial

Free shipping to US. Fits up to a 23 inch head and features removable lining for easy washing

ScarletJanefox (0)


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colorful puppy head!

beautiful high quality head that glows in blacklight, with options to upgrade!

furryf0rm3r (0)

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African wild dog head for sale

New African wild dog head for sale never been worn.

Goozerbug (0)

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starrykitsune head with paws!

beautiful realistic head with matching paws!

furryf0rm3r (0)

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Pink Panda Mini Partial

Pink Panda mini partial fursuit for sale made by Gremlin Wares

GremlinWares (0)


Kosmic Kitty Fursuit Head and Tail

Brand new kosmic Kitty fursuit made in April 2020 by Gremlin Wares

GremlinWares (0)


Dragon Head and Tail

Brand new dragon fursuit head and tail made by Gremlin Wares in May 2020

GremlinWares (0)


Roseate Spoonbill Fursuit

Brand new partial that comes with a head, tail, handpaws, and wings!All information can be found in the description. 

avatarraptor (3 )

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Cute Small Deer tail

Small Brown and Silver Tail up for grabs!

SimbaDoesStuff (3 )

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Adorable Rat/Mouse Fursuit

Includes Head, tail and paws. Good ventilation and vision. 

Weird_Creature (0)

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Dog/wolf fursuit base printable model (with hinges; incl.teeth)

Digital 3d-model set for personal 3D-printing

polygony (2 )


Canine fursuit head base

Fits heads 11-12 inches. Fabric lining. Does not include styrofoam head.

LunaWolf369 (0)


German Sheperd

Full fursuit German sheperd

EUR 800.00
lunardelalune (0)

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Fennec Fox Partial Fursuit

Includes head, hand paws, tail, bandana and bead badge!

MonsterCultMakers (4 )


Pink Lynx Partial by Spools

Pink Lynx Partial made by Spools.Excellent Condition.Includes Gloves, Feet (Size 9 Womens/7 Mens), Tail, and Head.Also includes Storage Bin.

MaylkleemX (0)

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Melchior the Electric Eel, LED partial suit

Partial fursuit with LED strips in head and tail!

MonsterCultMakers (4 )


Green Wolverine/Emerald Boa Partial

Buyer will receive: HeadHandpawsTailCharacter rights3 pieces of art, including a reference sheetLeftover high-quality faux fur for repairs or upgradesImportant informati...

Razzal (0)


Fox Partial Suit

This listing is for a Fox MCloud partial fursuit. Made as a Fox MCloud/Star Fox cosplay suit, but can pass as a normal red fox fursona. This suit has only been worn twice...

HikariGamingLynx (0)

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Blue and Gray Tail and Handpaws

Blue and gray faux fur paws with puffy pink pads. Blue gray tail that is curly.

Sleepy_Hollow_Fursuits (0)


African Wild Dog Fursuit Head and Tail

Lined fursuit head made out of luxury faux fur.

PatcherSuits (0)


Reindeer Fursuit Head

Lined Reindeer Fursuit Character Rights

PatcherSuits (0)