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fursuit head saber tooth

head base foam moving jaw made by www.BlueWolfStudioFursuit.comsmall tail head circumference 21 inchincludes all art price includes shipping2 day was used in megaplex 2...

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Dutch Angel Dragon head

New Dutch angel dragon head

angeldragon5 (0)

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Dingo or Dhole Tail

This is a 3 color natural colored dingo or dhole tail. The heather fur is a shorter pile length from the amber and brown, but the lighter brown hairs over the black under...

TheDemonFerret (2 )


Blue husky

Hello,We are selling this beautiful new blue husky partial. It has 3 hairpieces that you can change easily. We can also make a hairpiece that is not long or another col...

moonwolf (1 )

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Cotton Candy Lion Tail

Cotton candy lion tail with belt loops and a squeaker

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Canine Mini Partial Character

FureverWear Fursuits official

FureverWearFursuit (1 )

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Toucan Fursuit (Kaiala)

Toco Toucn fursuit, made in 2019 by SearaWolfie (Instagram)

GBP 310.00
searawolfie (0)

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Lion Partial Coat Fur to make half/fullsuit.

Please see full description for all photos! Site isn't letting me upload my photos of all the parts.Lion mini-partial: Head, two pairs of handpaws, tail. Includes a ...

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Shepherd/Wolf Character +Partial+Art

Denim The Shepherd Wolf Partial Fursuit

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Blue Goo Frosted T-Rex Fursuit

Brand New Head And Scaly Paws

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Flamingo Gryphon Fursuit

Do you want to be the best hybrid around town? Maybe one of the neatest looking hybrids. Then look no further then the Flamingo Gryphon made by Avatarraptor!

avatarraptor (3 )

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Black Dragon head

! Only head ! BRAND NEWMinus - the hood is hard to put on, without a zipper, but very cool fits the silhouette

Tamblerone (19 )

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Blue Angel Dragon Fullsuit.

Dragon fullsuit that comes with extra digilegs, 2 sets of feet paws, a extra tail and a Kigurumi. Please read the description for more info

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Copper Wolf Partial

Grey and copper wolf partial :)

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premade ferret fursuit for sale!

additional photos in thread, including pictures of "knife" accessoryadditional videos showing head tail worn together & demo of magnetic "knife" acc...

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FuzzButtFursuits angel dragon base

Ready to fur base by Fuzzbuttfursuits

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Tan and Blue tail

Just a yote tail

SkoomaDog (0)

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Tiger Cub Fursuit Head

Rhino the Tiger Cub was refurbished from one of my older heads I had around.He features minky and luxury shag fur. His eyes are made out of a plastic mesh, painted on wit...

SpartanCoffee (1 )

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Orange Fox Tail

This auction is for a newly made orange fox tail.The tail is made of orange and ivory luxury shag and filled with poly-fill stuffing.It is roughly 18'' long and...

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Ivory/Mint Tail

This auction is for a newly made ivory/mint tailThe tail is made of ivory and mint luxury shag and filled with poly-fill stuffing.It is roughly 18'' long and is...

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Black Fox tail

This auction is for a newly made ivory/mint tailThe tail is made of black and ivory luxury shag and filled with poly-fill stuffing.It is roughly 18'' long and i...

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Ice Dragon tail long dragon tail

A super cute pastel blue and pure white short pile tail with glittery accents and small bells for added cute sounds while moving around.

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Goat Monster fullsuit

Collab with Bokubunbun

Thewendigoworkshop (4 )

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Blue and white Fursuit paws

New fursuit paws!!

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Leopard Dog Partial

Happy to present our Brand New Partial of a Leopard Dog made by Firefly Studio 

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White planti bodysuit

Has been worn to a few events. Entire thing hand sewn but holds up just fine. Seams may pop due to activity since that’s common for bodysuits to do with weight change a...

WingWong (20 )

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Skull dog with fleece skull

Come with the head, hand paws, tail, and a ref sheet.

CAD 410.00
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OUR WORK: SHIPPINGHead Details:Good visionExcellent breathabilitySuitable for head up to 23 "Soft base mask (foam)Inner fle...

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