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*New* Sparkle Dog Partial

Suit features holographic eyelids, tongue, pawpads, claws, and spikes on the tail, as well as lots of pretty black sparkle fur! This suit was made as a collaboration betw...

Creative_Creature_Costumes (0)

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DVC Resin Canine Base

With Straight Hinge, Silicone Nose, Jaw and Silicone Tongue Attached.

Just-A-Little-Mixed-Up (3 )


Fursuit costume goggles

googgle scaled tot he size for you in fursuits

dallytaur (0)


$250 head commissions

I make heads, paws, tails, and hooves! I'm a new maker, wanna give me a chance :3

AcerWorse (0)


Ladder Auction Dutch Angel Dragon

This is a ladder auction for a fursuit/character design that'll be made by us at Undead Doe Inc.

UndeadDoeINC (0)

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Realistic Goat Partial

Semi-realistic purple goat fursuit partial :D

JosieBubbleSuits (1 )

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SVC Lynx Fullsuit

Lynx fullsuit, indoor feet.

thugcorpseinc (0)

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3d Printed Cow Noses

Here are 3 3d printed cow noses I’ve made and are up for grabs! There’s only one of each at the moment since my printer decided to die on me so once these are gone it...

SimbaDoesStuff (3 )


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Foam Canine Base

Ready to fur foam canine base 

BrindledNerd (0)


Partial Wolf Suit

Digi body suit with fursuit head and tail

IO-Dragon98 (6 )

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Red and black dutch or mano kit tail

Surreyandsuccu (0)


Short Red Monster/Beast Tail

A 14 inch monster tail with 3 plush spikes along the spine.

KaijuKreations (1 )


Short Purple Monster/Beast Tail

A 14 inch monster tail with 3 plush spikes along the spine.

KaijuKreations (1 )


Fennec German Shepherd Fullsuit

Suit made by Komickrazi Studios in 2012!

rendawg (0)

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Dragon Headbase Adopt

fursuit headbase adopt comes with a built in Baklava, eye blanks, etc

Undeadkaiju (0)


Holographic Handpaws

Sparkly as heck! ✨

Geckoworks (3 )


Zebra Premade by Frouzon

I squeak and come with a traditional badge!

Frouzon (1 )

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Yellow Throated Marten Premade by Frouzon

Comes with removable eyelids and fursuit sized bandana!

Frouzon (1 )

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