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Full Partial - Made by @terian_goldshtain on Instagram. Fursuit comes with: Head, paws, tail, and feet paws. Character comes with: Character rights, reference sheet, art!...

ktalou (0)

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Snowy Pangolin Premade

Information:Our Snowy Pangolin fursuit Premade features, two semi-removable "follow me" eyes, a removable 4 ft tongue, and a batik lining inside the head. This ...

ScribblezCreationz (0)


Realistic dog head+tail

Nothing wrong with it, just not attaching to it like I thought I would.

Akira_The_Fox (0)


Wilderness Ghost Skulldog Fursuit Head

Fits most head sizes = 25" and up Used, perfect condition

LupinMaw (0)


Skull Dog/Fox Fursuit Partial W/ Skeletal Claws & 2m Long Posable Bone Tail

This is a spooky, Skull Canine fursuit partial including a 23.5"ish head, pair of unique claw paws made of foam latex and a long, posable belt mounted skeletal tail ...

ArmouredBrownies (3 )

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Pre-made Partial Lioness Ophelia

A white and blue lioness premade.

TheUnholyCollective (0)


Awooga pins

hard enamel pin, with 2 heart shaped rubber backings

HazMuttSuits (4 )


Mint Paws

Mint faux fur, white fleece beans, green fleece cuffs, lined with lycra for comfort.

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Kemono Fursuit Partial (Cat)

Premade kemono fursuit partial, comes with a head, handpaws, and tail! I SHIP TO EVERYWHERE!

EUR 1,400.00
jayseskimo (0)

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NEW!! Puppy Husky Daimond partial by FurrHouse workshop

worldwide shipping

FurrHouse_Jessy (7 )

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Calico Cat Fursuit Head

Calico cat with character rights

spookscreations (1 )

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Brown Husky Partial


RougeLavender (16 )

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BlackPink Canine Partial


RougeLavender (16 )

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HQ Fox Tail

HQ Fox fursuit tail. Attaches via beltloop.

EikoEkoStudios (0)

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head will fit size 53 - 60 cm . shipping to almost all over the world. (at buyer's expense) ! ✦

EUR 1,200.00
Garden_aiko (0)


Kemono wolf fursuit

I ship worldwide! If you have bought this suit please contact me trough here or my Instagram. Oni.the.wickerbeast to discuss payment and shipping.

EUR 670.00
Onithewickerbeast (0)


Sunset sunrise premade!

Fursuit partial both @bobakeet and @crayclaws completed :)

Bobakeet (0)

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Fursuit Bandana - Blue with gold motifs

Blue and gold fursuit bandana.

AUD 25.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


Fursuit Bandana - Blue with waves

Blue fursuit bandana with wave designs.

AUD 25.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


Fursuit Bandana - Vintage sewing

Vintage sewing patterned fursuit bandana.

AUD 25.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


Pre-Made Partial Owl Noxs

Blue and gold night themed owl partial suit.

TheUnholyCollective (0)


SanDog the saluki partial

Brand new premade from Wingfur

wingfur (5 )


Hyena partial

Hello,We are selling this beautiful new hyena partial. Made from foam and quality fur. Comfortable and nice see-through via tear ducts. No airbrush, just fur so easy to w...

moonwolf (4 )

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Snake fursuit head + character rights

Snake-dragon fursuit head by ShifterSuits on Etsy + Artwork

D1N0SYNTH (2 )


Axolotl Fursuit

Axolotl fursuit made by Skully Creations on Instagram! I’m very good condition with slight tear on the tail belt loop.

IceyPopIllustrations (0)

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Pink Puffy Paws

These paws are made with the Kloofsuits paw pattern! They come fully lined, fully stuffed, and with lots of fluff!

IceyPopIllustrations (0)

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Pink Spitz Mini Partial

by Mostly Bad

MostlyBad (7 )

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Deer/Skulldog Hybrid Partial Suit

FOR SALE! Deer/skulldog hybridLooking for $600 + shipping!Comes with: head, paws, nub tailThe head is more like a mask, there is no bottom jaw but has a mouth opening for...

FlamingBobcat (0)