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Destiny the Dragon (Premade)

Premade fursuit of a kemono style dragon we named Destiny! This suit is brand new, never been worn (aside from model photos), and looking for a forever home with you. Thi...

CassMutt (0)

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NEW! Calico cat premade

Hq fursuit partial ->Fully lined head, no glued seams, featuring nylon whiskers, a pair of velcro eyelids and two interchangeable tonguesFantastic vision, good ventil...

EUR 500.00
IcyHeart (1 )


Purple and Black Canine

This partial includes head, paws and tail with many additional accessories and features

KuteKittyKatt (1 )


Fox tail - purple

Purple fox/cat tail. Approximately 20" tall, with a 4" to 8" diameter.

PlaidPawsMaus (0)


Dingosaur Fursuit

Dingosaur fullsuit made by Hevoyic! 

lakehund (0)

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New Papllion Dog Partial

New Partial, with a Fosshape Head with a Moving Jaw, Paws, and Tail.Head is an Fosshape base, which I go over the construction here

FeralFacade (1 )

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Lovecraftian scull cat NEW !

Lovecraftian scull cat NEW ! made by CandySatan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

Angel_Tigress (26 )

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white and blue fur scrap grab bag

mostly off white and teal blue scraps, hints of minky and other colors

SecretKeeper (2 )


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Commission open 1slot for January 2021

Commission open 1 slot for January 2021

Marty_Collins_Bro (1 )

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Sun Conure Fursuit Head

》The yellow is UV reactive and has come out on camera peachy it’s more of a bold yellow. Will fit up to 24 1/2 inches but 22-23 is the perfect fit.《 Cross listed...

luns (0)


Halloween D.A.D. Partial

Jack-o-lantern themed Halloween Dutch angel dragon

JessyeD (0)

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Fursuit head fan

Comes with attached battery box. Battery is not included due to shipping laws. Has a small amount of glue, but works perfectly fine. Sorry.Shipping is extra. Sold as is. ...

WingWong (43 )


Unfinished equine head base

***Shipping to the United States ONLY***Payment made through paypal invoicesHeadbase suitable for a mule or donkey character, could also alter the ears shorter for just...

gusty (1 )


Canine head base

***Shipping to the United States ONLY***Payment made through paypal invoicesMy original vision for this head was to make a shepherd suit, but would suit any canine char...

gusty (1 )


Wolverine/Tanuki Hybrid Partial

More pictures here:

WingWong (43 )

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Blue Manokit

Made by WestCustomCreations

EazyTheDoberman (0)

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Eclipse the Owl Full Fursuit

Eclipse the owl full fursuit-- Includes head (with accessories), plantigrade bodysuit, feather hands, tail, and feet. Made by Four Moons Creations.

Four Moons Fursuits (0)


Fur The Win Digi Birb Suit

Size details Height 5.7 Weight 160 lbs Basically new i bought it and never wore it (doesnt fit) and never got it resized. Just the suit is for sale not the character

PointyToofs (0)

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Saber Full Partial + Kigu

Notice: (THE SITE IS NOT LETTING ME LOAD MORE IMAGES, PLEASE DM ME ON INSTA @rivulet_kit FOR MORE)a full (and unique) feathered saber tooth cat partial!comes with:• hea...

trochilidae (0)

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NEW premade spaniel mix head

Chester the spaniel mix premade is for sale! Fits 50-55cm heads, probably for biggers too. 3D follow me eyes, moving jaw with good ventalation. Vision is ok. Comes with a...

BearlyFursuits (0)


Gently used Not so ferocious tiger suit!

Here is your opportunity to purchase a ready to ship big cat sure to put a big roar in any occasion!  They are used but they are not abused.  the suit is in very nice s...

ByCats4Cats (1 )

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Pre-made Halloween Trick or Treat Puffy Paws

Brand new and ready to ship in time for Halloween!

ShwitCreations (3 )


Nando the conqueror of new lands, The Partial~FREE SHIPPING~

The listing is a head, paws, a tail and accessories. We're doing our best to provide high quality suits which are comfortable in usage & unique in design. Video her...

Fireflystudio (8 )

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Skull Cat Partial

TO BE MADE with a DVC Feline Skull base.

ClockworkCarousel (3 )


Fursuit tongue

About 3 inches long, never used.Shipping is extra.

WingWong (43 )


Red and pink canine partial fursuit

This pink, red, and black canine partial fursuit comes with...- head: fits sizes 21-23 inches- Paws: one size fits most- Nub tail: has a belt loopShipping: shipping is ca...

MrMatschies (1 )

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Simba baby lion cub partial

Free fast international shipping

Majesty_Angel (4 )

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Premade preclaim

Vexel species premade

Furrymelons (0)