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Red Panda Digi Fullsuit


JayWendo (0)


~Zombie dog fursuit base!~

(Half finished)

Waveyfox (0)


Fursuit Commission

Fursuit Commission

sira15 (4 )


Pre-Made Canine Partial

I recently finished this adorable pre made partial suit! I really went all out on this project and tried my hardest to make the quality of this suit as professional and c...

Mellowmutt (0)


Death Themed Tail!


ZtrikeZuits (0)


Croxl the Pink Demon

Full gigigrade suit

Kahlani (0)

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Canine Fursuit Base

Foam Canine Fursuit Bases Uncarved

anileu (1 )


Green Husky by CCS Mascots

his Fully Lined Fursuit comes fully lined with Spandex interior and has feature such as resin following 3D eyes and a poseable velcro tongue.Comes with the Head which...

CCSMascots (1 )

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Canine tail

Big three-color tail on sale! 

FuroarSuits (1 )


Printed eyes v.2 (3 inch) "PURPLE"

deameter -  7.5cm (3" inch)  ,  10$ shipping with tracking

Juicy_Dog (2 )


Printed eyes v.2 PINK (2½ inch)

deameter -  6.3cm (2½" inch)  ,  10$ shipping with tracking

Juicy_Dog (2 )


Cora the Hyena partial suit auction

I'm selling my partial suit Cora because I won't suit her anymore.

EUR 550.00
Gillybun (0)

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Haida (Aggretsuko) Ears and Tail

These cute hyena ears/tail are handmade from premium faux fur and minky.The tail is about 18 inches (45cm) in length, and each ear is about 4 inches (10cm) in height.They...

Asderat (0)

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Large Stuffed Dragon Egg

Red stuffed Dragon Egg

Wolfdragonworks (2 )


Premade Red x Pink Heart Puffy Paws

Brand new!! Valentine's themed ❤

ShwitCreations (2 )

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Custom Fursuit Head Commission

Message VenomousVipers for a Quote

VenomousVipers (0)

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Coquette the Kangaroo Available for adoption

Meet Coquette the Kangaroo, available to adopt!

PartialsbyWren (0)


Smol gray nub tail

7" gray nub tail with a denim belt loop.

Zemeckis (0)


Premade Wolf Puffy Paws & Tail

Brand new! Fits small to large hands.

ShwitCreations (2 )

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Possum partial

Possum mini partialHead size I’d say 23-24 24 if you don’t mind a snug fitHas some green “hair” in the back too.Really don’t have a use for them anymore so woul...

Zeldabeebaby (0)

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20 inch dragon tail

20 inch rainbow speckled dragon tail with white underbelly

Wolfdragonworks (2 )


Kiwi dragon head and tail

Head and floor dragger tail, moving jaw, magnetic head base, follow me eyes, and pickable nose. Full character rights comes with a ref and art. 

Star_Chaser_Studios (0)


LGBT Artistic Liberty Flag Dragon Tail

Pansexual/Panromantic dragon tail made to order colors can be switch out

Wolfdragonworks (2 )


Polar bear mini partial

Fursuit well be shipped though USP, shipping to USA only. Mini partial: head, paws, and tail includedHead fits 21inchs (SMALL) head is linedFive fingers paws, lined Tai...

ShelGoat (0)


NEW Boba/ Thai Tea Kangaroo

This fursuit is a collab I did with @fangs211, completed in February 2021. It includes head, handpaws, and tail. Please read description before purchasing.

TransformTiger (2 )


Black Cat with Tail

Black Cat fursuit head and tail. (ladder option) for a 22 inch or smaller head.

RabbitHazard (0)

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Fox fursuit head

Fursuit head // comes with art, character rights, and accessories!

cozypunch (0)

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Cute Ribbion Lanyards

Lanyards Made With Ribbions With Cute Patterns!

SimbaDoesStuff (17 )