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Pokémon Raikou Fursuit

Used but adequate condition Raikou fursuit with a brand new head! Body and parts by FuruArts, head by Fursonalities.

WildThing (1 )


Pre-made orange parrot

Adorable pre-made parrot for sale!

EUR 400.00
MyrkurDragon (0)

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Choose Your Colors! Faux Fur Fursuit Tail - Made to Order - by Kilcodo

Here is a handmade faux-fur tail perfect for your costuming needs! Each tail measures 24" in length. They are made with 100% artificial materials, so NO real ani...

kilcodo (1 )


Anthro Mochi Paws - Black White Hot Pink

“Black Cherry Flavored” Anthro paws! These paws feature hot pink, black, and white faux fur with very squishy Mochi style paw pads.These paws were made in a home with...

softexpresso (0)


Goat fursuit head and tail partial

Refurb by pigeonfeathrs

Pigeonfeathrs (0)

3 bids  

PREORDER Calico Cat Mini Partial

Mini partial: Head, hands, and tail. Custom made to buyer's size requirements

inkypawprints (0)

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Mini partial fursuit

Mini partial fur suit. Black/grey/blue wolf. Comes with head, paws, and tail. $350

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Rainbow Bull full partial

Tylas_Furcrations (0)

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Hand paws and tail

Purchased from cobaltcrafter but they don’t fit my needs. Never worn.Sold as is. Paw pads do have glue under them so the paws are a little stiff but don’t affect usab...

WingWong (34 )


Llama costume set

Gloves, head band with ears and a clip on tail.Gloves have finger escapes Tail has clip And is half a footEars have wire in them for pose ability 

Patheticpidgey (2 )

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Long rainbow tipped tail

Two belt loopsGreat condition, worn onceOrange and yellow glow under black lightHas a squeaker in the tip of the tailAbout two and a half feetSuper soft and cuteEight col...

Patheticpidgey (2 )

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Cute small Dino tail

Roughly a foot in length Greatly great shapeNever been wornMaker unknown Light blue with green highlights in it and three green spikesTwo belt loopsVery soft

Patheticpidgey (2 )

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Custom Fursuit Head Commission

Hello, You are bidding on a custom fursuit head by varunathehusky95 / MoonCurlCreations.Starting bid covers the cost of a head with up to three colors. Auto buy covers a...

varunathehusky (1 )

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Rainbow Bull full partial

Tylas_Furcrations (0)

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Cat fursuit partial

See description! Handpaws, tail, and head 

charliedruid (0)


Kemono Style Partial

Split colors Kemono style fursuit partial!

maggie (0)


Caribou Fursuit Head

Pre-Made caribou with themed Items

Cosmic_wolfz (0)

1 bid  

Art-Kour Costumes - CUSTOM FULLSUIT

A rare chance to get an Art-Kour Costumes slot!

Kour (0)

20 bids  

1 Yard White Teddy Fur

This is a yard of a thinner white teddy fur. It isn't as thin as cubby bear but isn't as thick as the current standard white teddy. I believe it is an older run...

queenkayara (1 )


~1 Yard Rare Gold Teddy Fur

This is just under a yard of rare gold teddy found at the LA fashion district in 2016. It is a courser teddy. It does have a small bit of dirt on it but that can easily b...

queenkayara (1 )


blue and red spiky monster nub tail !

i made this tail a few years ago but have never worn it (except for these pics xD)it is about 14 inches long, with fleece spikes and nylon belt loops :)

sparklev0id (-1)

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Puffy Paws (Purple and White)

Kloofsuits puffy paws

slimshadygrimgravy (1 )

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Dumbo Rat Mini Partial

Dumbo rat mini partial! Comes with the head and a tail. Head is made by gaykuningas on Instagram, and the tail is made by Dollie on Furry Amino

Larkenox (0)

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DAD Bumblebee

Big Partial

Tamblerone (28 )

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Brand New Caracal Mini Partial [VIDEO]

Brand new caracal mini partial fursuit for sale!Can ship worldwide.Includes head, hands and tail. Head has adjustable sizing!Comes with laminated fursuit badge with the n...

EUR 1,860.00
Tapapat_Creations (0)


Premade Cow Fursuit Partial By Cwoodsdean Creations

This is a charity fursuit auction. Made by www.cwoodsdeancreations.com Yoka_hiroTwitter: cwoodsdeanFacebook: Cwoodsdean CreationsIns...

GBP 150.00
cwoodsdean (0)

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⭐ Peppermint - Winged Candy Bunny Partial suit ⭐

Brand new original Alecrim Carmim product.

alecrimcarmim (2 )

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Rainbow Pride Husky Digigrade Fursuit (Fullsuit) BRAND NEW

PRICE IS FIRM NO TRADESBRAND NEW. Only worn for photos!FEATURES ——HEADfits up to 25” Fully lined inside. Great vision and ventilation PAWSPuffy style with stuff...

Rossykitti_kreations (1 )