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Husky Tail

I'm accepting PayPal payments in USD only. You are more likely to receive the tail if you are able to pay in full right away. The tail is 1ft long, has two loops...

SilhouetteStorm (0)


Dragon Fursuit Tail

This fiery dragon tail is plush, soft, light weight, long, and completely unique! It has spikes that run down along its blazing red spine.

FeralTigerCreations (0)


Raven / Crow fursuit head

Black avian fursuit head, made of foam, with 3D eyes. 

EUR 350.00
RedKiteProjects (0)


Yellow stuffed paws

Yellow stuffed paws with lined fingers.

WowDragonStudio (0)


Puffy paw commissions! My own pattern

Puffy paw commissions! My own pattern, lined inside! Commissions starts at $200 USD + shipping price!Price depends on character design and how many colors paws have. Ple...

Kayru (0)


Grey and dark emerald/black handhooves

For sale is a brand new set of handhooves! Plush and comfortable, one size fits all. Rare fur color

KiisCreatures (0)

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New custom orange fruit ears

New furry ears from a custom design inspired with orange fruit.

Zaqlen (1 )


Realistic Canine Mask

NOT A FINISHED HEADfinished fursuit face, only needs ears and balaclava! includes moving jaw, follow-me eyes, tearduct vision, and lower jaw set. ships from canada. more ...

RoseColdStudios (0)

6 bids  

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Kemono Headbase with Moving Jaw

Please DM before purchasing.

momofloof (0)


Unfinished fursuit head hood

Was based off a resin base. You can add to it to fit any smaller sized head base out there. Character design NOT included.Back is opened since I never attached the zipper...

WingWong (53 )

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Kemono 3D digital file

Selling rights and the file to print as your own. I will no longer keep this once sold.This is not a public file.Sold as is.*I do not have a 3D printer so I cannot make t...

WingWong (53 )

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Bodysuit ONLY

I’m including the unfinished plantigrade bodysuit with attached tail. It needs some work to be finished properly. Or you can cut the tail off and turn it into a partial...

WingWong (53 )

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3D printed Shark Base

Made by mugiwara cosplay. Selling for the price I paid.Shipping included.21.5 cm wide, 26 cm tall.Sold as is. Base only. No other parts included.Brand new. They will not ...

WingWong (53 )


Fursuit head base kit

Unfinished head base comes with teeth, eyes, nose and tongue. It is built on a balaclava.Sold as is. Canine. I had planned on finishing this for a fullsuit, but I don't h...

WingWong (53 )

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Kevin the Kobold

Kevin the red kobold fursuit head

CitrineHypno (1 )

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Umbreon Themed Wolf Tails

Made by me, brand new! Knee length tail made with BigZ Ecoshag. Comes in normal, shiny, and light blue.If you are not mainland US please choose international shipping

Xenodragon11 (3 )


Solid Black Wolf Tail

Made by me, brand new! Knee length tail made with BigZ black Ecoshag.If you are not mainland US please choose international shipping

Xenodragon11 (3 )


UV Reactive Raccoon Tail

Glows under blacklight! Perfect for raves. Knee lengthMade by me and Cecilworkshop

Xenodragon11 (3 )


Sunshine Yellow Possum/Rat Tail

Really long floor dragger, made by me and cecilsworkshop!Has a zipper to remove stuffing for easy machine wash cleaning.

Xenodragon11 (3 )


Panther tail

Black cat tail

VampiricIce (6 )


Feline Head-Base

Brand new Feline fursuit head base. Worn only for test fittings.21.5-23'' (snug fit on 23")Vision is good. Ventilation is good.Allergy Warning: My dog recently passe...

SpartanCoffee (9 )

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Custom Fursuit Base

A brand new fursuit base made to the buyer's specifications.

SpartanCoffee (9 )

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Realistic Gryphon Fursuit Head

Refurbished fursuit head, unknown OG maker

D1N0SYNTH (2 )


canine dog fursuit head HQ premade male

made by me, salmon.rat on instagram

Pigeonfeathrs (0)

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Digitigrade Bodysuit, Paws, and Tail

Digitigrade bodysuit with sewn-in padding, attached paws and a detached tail

Corgilope (1 )

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MQ Ivory Fursuit Paws

MQ Ivory fursuit handpaws.

EikoEkoStudios (1 )

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White w/ Red Sparkle Wolf Tail

White with red sparkle fur wolf tail.

EikoEkoStudios (1 )

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Blue Pawstar Fox Ears

Blue fox ears from pawstar.

EikoEkoStudios (1 )

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