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New Pre-made Moss Agate Aardwolf Head

Brand new pre-made aardwolf fursuit head for sale!

Jenxworks (1 )


Half-finished canine partial fursuit with extra goodies and sockpaw pattern!

Finished 4-finger handpaws and tail and ready to fur foam head base. Comes with enough fur to finish the project and a lot more to spare. Includes full character rights a...

AUD 700.00
lulujaneart (0)


New custom orange fruit ears

New furry ears from a custom design inspired with orange fruit.

Zaqlen (1 )


Gator Paw and Tail Set

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE MESSAGE ME ON TELEGRAM @psychofrightUp for sale is this paw & tail set! These were purchased from the makers at Denfur 2021 but are NEW ...

Vanpyre (0)


Coffee Cat Fursuit Head

Brand New MQ. Anthrocon Delivery Availible!

HikariGamingLynx (3 )


Custom 3D Printed Eye Blanks-Glow in the Dark, UV Color change, flexi, and more!

High Quality 3D printed eye blanks made to your design! Multiple colors and materials available, ready to ship! PLEASE SEND ME A DM BEFORE PURCHASING GLOW IN THE DARK ...

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (10 )


Tiger Premade Fursuit Head

Cute tropical tiger fursuit head

ToonySootsStudios (0)


Orange fox tail and ears FREE SHIPPING

my instagram and telegram is Wowdragonstudio

WowDragonStudio (3 )


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Digitigrade Feet Paws

Made by: Hiero Craft Creations Pattern by: Split Grape Soda

TarotTrouble (4 )


White and blue starry puffy paws

These paws where just finished and now available for sale!They are puffy style paws made using the Kloofsuits pattern, using white fur and blue and silver starry minky pa...

toothedaxolotl (0)


Pewter and black puffy paws

These paws where just finished and now available for sale!They are puffy style paws made using the Kloofsuits pattern, using pewter fur and black fleece paw pads, cuffed ...

toothedaxolotl (0)


Black Cat Ear Headband

Black cat ear headband from Hot Topic. Worn maybe once.

NovaLynnBby (0)


White Cat Ear Headband

White cat ear headband made by KindaU on Etsy.

NovaLynnBby (0)


Bi Ear, Tail, & Collar Set

Bisexual cat set. Comes with a ear headband made by KinkyKittensPlay, a nub tail made by RetroFursuits, and a collar made by FursAndThreads (all on Etsy). Worn only a few...

NovaLynnBby (0)


Pink Shaped Silicone Tongue

Made by BardicBestiary. Shaped and textured, and has fabric backing to allow for easy adhesion.

xythriwithanx (0)


Spotted Hand Paws

Low quality spotted hand paws

NovaLynnBby (0)


Blue Wings

Wings made by KittenCafeStudios on Etsy. Never worn.

NovaLynnBby (0)


Blue Curl Tail

Blue curl tail made by @bearmacabre on Instagram. It has a hidden belt loop and is around 11" across. Only worn once.

NovaLynnBby (0)


Long White Tail

30 in long cat tail

NovaLynnBby (0)


Saber Cat Head

Feline fursuit head. Great condition, well taken care of, wore for pic mainly. w/ room for glasses

StinkyCatCreations (1 )

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HUGE paws!

this goes with a fullsuit! you can ither buy parts only, multiple parts, or the whole costume! read bellow.

WowDragonStudio (3 )


Uncut Neon Blue Fursuit Wig

Suitable for fursuit heads up to 80cm circumference, no holes for ears, bangs need to be trimmed, 80cm lenght.

EUR 40.00
lovedream (0)


Glas Heterochromia Fursuir Eyes

Velcro backside for attaching with a strap, 5cm width.

EUR 20.00
lovedream (0)


blue tail

dm wowdragonstudio on instagram or telegram for any questions 

WowDragonStudio (3 )


Cotton candy paws

These stunners feature good quality mint green and bubblegum pink faux fur with white minky dot (dimple chenille) for the paw pads. The internal stitching holding all the...

Crickettheaxo (0)


3D Fursuit Eyes

Follow-me eye set

TheWolfCrash (3 )


Shxtou Super Motion Tail

Over 2 ft long, built using EVA foam, upholstery foam, and luxury shag fabrics from BigZ. Super wavy! 

hackermutt (2 )


20 Blue Fleece Tails

A lot of short, unused, fleece tails.

Blazetbw (0)

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