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Gray nub tail

Small sturdy grey nub tail, very soft and bouncy.

Karma (1 )

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Grey and White Tail

Made with Faux Fur, Elastic, Thread, Poly-fill, and Love.

ZellasCreationsCo (0)


Mermaid Paws

Teal and purple 4 digit puffy paws, with blue shiny paw pads. Fully lined with placement tags, and easy to wash. Ready to ship!

YeenQueenHyena (0)


Fursuit dog head base

The pattern I used is by Kloofsuits. The eyes were made by SchneepardiCreations. The base is messy and is a fixer upper.

Azu_Creates (0)


DVC Resin Canine Base

With Straight Hinge, Silicone Nose, Jaw and Silicone Tongue Attached.

Just-A-Little-Mixed-Up (4 )


Choose Your Colors! Faux Fur Fursuit Tail - Made to Order - by Kilcodo

Here is a handmade faux-fur tail perfect for your costuming needs! Each tail measures 24" in length. They are made with 100% artificial materials, so NO real ani...

kilcodo (1 )


Reindeer Fursuit Head

Lined Reindeer Fursuit Character Rights

PatcherSuits (0)


Custom 3D Printed Eye blanks

1 set of 3D printed eye blanks

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (6 )


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Custom Headbases

Custom fursuit headbases {7 slots!} Worldwide shipping

EUR 120.00
MixedCereals_Creations (0)


Ready to fur punk hyena base

lined, glow in the dark parts, large mohawk, ready for furring

Sockish (3 )


Large Husky Tail

A large curly husky tail made with luxury black shag and white sparkly fur! Check out that curl!!! 

deondoggo (0)


Dino mask

This Dino mask is hand painted 

Jokersuitables (0)


Ready to fur vulture head base

casted by West's custom creations, built onto balaclava

Sockish (3 )


Tan and Brown Paws

Price drop!

MostlyBad (3 )


Artistic Liberty Fursuit Head Base

Non-Furred Fursuit Head Base, DIY

Fresas_Fursuits (0)


Tiger Fursuit Tail and Paws

Tiger fursuit tail and paws

GBP 110.00
Manex57 (0)

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Turquoise and white furry tail and paws

Turquoise and white furry mini partial, tail and large oversized paws. 

GBP 110.00
Manex57 (0)

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Paws four fingers small

Up for sale is a pair of paws that has four fingers. Very soft, and they do fit on the smaller side.

Nightshader (0)


Hands and Feet

Paws or Hooves

neuroticsoulgobbler (0)


Hyena 3d-printable model kit

STL model of a hyena with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (4 )


Dutch Angel Dragon Head base

Dutch Angel Dragon Head base for your fursuit.

StiasHann (4 )



Hello! I’m selling this beautiful tail! I got it from gsfc last year, that being my first con and never really used the tail, it’s in wonderful and shape and is a tai...

Emii_rose (0)

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Honks The Clown DINO MASK

Honks Jerald the clown is up for grabs! I have lost my connection with him Fits heads 21-22"

RysDinoMasks (0)


Shiny dragon head

Fixer upper dragon head

Fantasycostuming (0)


Wolf / Dog Fursuit Base

Take this cutie home!

Amadeo (0)


Fursuit Paws - 4 finger puffy paws

Dark red fur, black pads, yellow claws

suits_n_giggles (1 )


Old fursuit head

Need this to be gone

Thiunderblue (0)

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Custom Fox head base

Fox Head Base (Cartoon Version) for your fursuit.

StiasHann (4 )