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AcerWorse (0)


Commissions for Sale

Traditional and Digital

GBP 25.00
ReDoomer (0)


$10 Reff sheets

I do ref sheets but only for furries who A. dont have a fursona or B. only has one image of there character but dont have a ref sheet.

CAD 10.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


Full Time Dutchie Custom Art

Badge of your Dutch Angel Dragon in the format given in picture.

CAD 10.00
ArtisticFangirl7 (0)


Picture by me

I can put your character either with or without background.  I only do SFW.

Sapphirewing (0)


Custom Tapestry Commission

Your character, pet, or any other image converted to a beautiful hand-stitched tapestry.

Milesy (0)

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$15 complete drawing

full body + background

CAD 15.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


$5 BustShot

Here are my bust shots, I go just to the middle part of the body so just under the belly sometimes i will add a knee in but not normally.

CAD 5.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


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Digital Reference Sheet

I will draw character of your choice in a ref sheet format. You may also give a image background or give me a colour for a solid or gradient background. Note, I am more c...

CAD 40.00
anxthema (0)


Realistic Portraits

Open for fully detailed painted portraits. Can do any species or character complexity. 

AttackOnWholock (0)


Fursona Painted Wallpaper

I make custom wallpapers of your sona/OC. You will receive the drawing through email so it doesn’t lose quality. Before purchasing, please send me a picture of your cha...



Medical Con Badges

Selling con badges!I haven’t done any yet but I would like to open commissions for medical con badges! These will include any medical issues people may need to know ab...

Dokekki (0)


Updated Digital Badge (Regular)

Regular furry badges that will be printed out and laminated and a badge clip included. Badge size at about 4 x 5.5 inches.

SaffyBoo (0)


Reference sheet commission

Fast delivery!

Poklodot (0)


Digital Art Fullbody Commissions!

Digital fullbody commissions!flat color: $10Shading: $20Background: $25Add a secondary character: $35

ToriBird (0)


Traditional Media Convention Badge Conbadge Commission

3"x5" size, laminated with choice of badge slot holes

Magelet (0)

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Shaded Busts

$30USD for most speciesEverything is hand drawn and then digitally improved, colored, shaded, etcContact me on Telegram @zanubisnova for any questions

zanubisnova (0)


Giant Fursuit Badges

These badges are 8-10in in height. They can come with a Custom Social Media background (+$10), a glitter cardstock background (+$5), and just a blank background. Once pu...

terminallyArisen (2 )