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Pride Flag YCH

Can change species, but I will not do reptiles or exotic species, mainly just species similar to a feline or canine.Flag can be any flag of the buyer's choice. Background...

untitledmutt (0)


Grey and white Nub Tail Deer Bear Cat Rabbit

A grey and white nub tail that can be attached to a belt via elastic straps! Made using a template by FurSmoothie on Etsy.

purrberus_fursuits (-1)



Comes with - Refurbished head - Removable Antlers - Eyelids - Tongues - Tail - Half-finished hoof hands - Character rights International shipping OKAY!

incomingtrouble (0)



These one-of-a-kind badges are sure to capture your sona in the cutest way possible! (holo lamination option used for listing picture) *PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE PURCHASI...

fayeyeen (0)


Feline Head base (Shipping worldwide)

Hello! I made this feline base with kloofsuits’s pattern. I’m selling this head base because I don’t have and space to work with it! It’s my very first base so...

EUR 40.00
Garawai (0)


MD-2 Modular Fursuit / Costume Dryer Partial Kit

A Modular Fursuit Dryer that can dry off heads and handpaws.

SF_Fabrications (0)


portrait commissions

For more info Mail me at

HelheimStudios (0)


American Badger Full Fursuit

Looking to rehome this professionally made complete badger fullsuit! Features head, paws, body, feet and tail. Barely worn!

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Custom fursuit auction

Slot for MustelidMaws

howlingwolf105 (1 )

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Soda the Seahorse - Pre-made Partial

A pre-made partial fursuit of the bubbly seahorse Soda.

AUD 2,300.00
TheUnholyCollective (1 )



cool coon

fox4 (5 )


Hyacinth Macaw Bird Fursuit Head


D1N0SYNTH (2 )


Blonde kitty ! sale

★ Blonde kitty ★ Made SiZ-Fursuit Workshop VERY soft and high quality fur All spots and stripes are sewn by hand on the head, there is not a drop of paint ! ...

Angel_Tigress (50 )

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Black Light Fennec Fox

This is a premade I made. It’s the 2nd suit I’ve ever made. Completely hand sewn, can fit between 21 inches-26 inches. Moving jaw, videos can be seen in my tik tok @r...

Orcjackodile01 (0)

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custom paw gloves

handmade to order fursuit paw gloves, high quality and a variety of colors. synthetic fur and vinyl paw pads with hand sewn vinyl claws. One size fits all construction, v...

beths (0)

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Maroon Moth Partial

Adorable brand new fluffy moth partial!

TurbulenceFur (0)


Bisexual pride Bison

Adorable and prideful brand new Bison partial suit

TurbulenceFur (0)


Fursuit Cat Premade Preclaim | US ONLY

selling this premade! just the head but upgrades can be discussed :) 2-3 month completion time, maybe sooner??

cl0wnlvr (0)

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Moving jaw Deer Partial

Brand new deer partial!

CAD 600.00
RoachLynx (0)


Kyo Full Partial Custom Fursuit

First owner, like new, selling because I don't use and don't have any attachment

ObiBoba (0)


Rainbow Husky Partial Fursuit

Neon Rainbow Husky was worn to one convention... hasn't been worn in 3 years just been sitting in storage. Head: bucket head style lined with balaclava, made by Wolfeh2d...

sixteenratdog (0)


Fursuit/custom commision

If interested please dm me on any of my socials aswell as any questions.

CAD 1.00
Rueben_cosplays (0)


Demon monster Creature with extra art

I adore this kiddo but I haven't used him at all in ages, so hopefully he can find a better home! See all his art here:

HeavyDirtyWolf (4 )

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Boris the wolf , bendy ,and evil bendy cosplays/fursuits

Each one is for sale at a different price if you win the auction just tell me which one you want or if it goes over a certain price you get all 3 Boris 400 Evil bendy 300...

cringy_coyote (0)

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Cotton candy paws

These stunners feature good quality mint green and bubblegum pink faux fur with white minky dot (dimple chenille) for the paw pads. The internal stitching holding all the...

Crickettheaxo (0)


Boris the wolf , bendy ,and evil bendy cosplays/fursuits

Boris is 300 Evil bendy is 250 And tutu bendy is 200 You can place a bid here or message me for which one you want X3

cringy_coyote (0)

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Fox Head and Nub Tail

Bring this cutie home today!

BaiFluff (1 )

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White Paws

Relisted HQ four fingers paws, soft, comfortable, and lined

ZommBee (0)