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lavafox fursuit head+tail+art+character

fursuit partial

wingedcanine (1 )


Sheenitude Digi Fullsuit - Great Condition - GREAT PRICE!!

I've only had Gator for a short time so my financial loss is your gain since I need to quickly find him a new home.

Maggiekarley (0)


Pierce the Husky fursuit partial

A brand new coyote inspired husky fursuit! This suit should fir heads 21-23 inches. This suit has heterochromic eyes, and a big smile! The whole suit has 100% sewn seams....

PlushPawsFursuits (0)


OwO Badges

Bust badge of your character with the OwO face. 

Harikuran (0)


Spice & Wolf Holo/Horo cosplay (Ears, Tail)

Ears and tail for  cosplaying the second main character of "Spice & Wolf", Holo the Wise Wolf. 

SpadeTheRaptor (0)


semi-toony k9 head base

3D printed head base If you have Any questions

SnapBiteStudios (0)


Furry Fursuit Green Brown White Dog Partial

Some of the markings were put on with needle felting wool! Tail made by me, handpaws and feet made by fryed goods, and headbase by serestudios, furred by me.Feetpaws are ...

DJSplash13 (0)


Official 2012-2014 Homestuck Posters

Official Homestuck merchandise I purchased from What Pumpkin back in 2012-2014

SoulBit (3 )


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Premade Husky mini partial

Includes a 23In husky head with magnetic interchangeable tongues, lined Paws with squeakers in the paw pads, hidden belt loop Tail, bone prop, reference sheet and a care ...

Butter_Cup_Creations (0)


Hogwild! New Boar fursuit

This partial suit is new completed as of 23/7/21comes with!- head fits sizes 21-22- hands: better suited for smaller hands but alterations can be made for buyers- tail wi...

MrMatschies (0)

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Open September Commission

Hello, this is fox studio. This is a member of mine. His name is April. Please don't dislike our strange names, because we are all from China and don't have good English ...

CAD 420.00
duhestudio (0)


1 yard gray short shag

Purchased from bigz too dark for what I need.Shipping is extra.1 yard

WingWong (39 )


1/2 yard 2” pile brown luxury shag

Uncut piece. Sold as is. Price includes shipping in  USA. I can combine shipping for multiple purchases!1/2 yard

WingWong (39 )


2 silver furs

Two silver fursOne is like a short shagLight silver is a short fox - about 3/4s of a yardDarker silver is about half a yardSelling both together as they have cut outsShip...

WingWong (39 )


1.5 yards short light blue fox

Uncut. Already packed to ship.Shipping is extra. USA only.

WingWong (39 )


Lion gold teddy 1/2 yard

Purchased from howl fabrics and never usedJust asking what I paid for.Shipping is extra.

WingWong (39 )


1 yard + extra black beaver

1 yard piece plus some extra with cutouts.Shipping is extra. Will not separate.Sold as is.

WingWong (39 )


Almost 1 yard dark brown teddy

From CrsCrafts. This is a different texture than what Howl sells.Sold as is. It's about 1 yard with some cut outs.Shipping is extra.Last image shows the color on a fursui...

WingWong (39 )


Almost 1/2 yard amber lux shag

Almost 1/2 yard of fursuit supplies amber luxury shag $13 + shippingDoes have small cut outsLuxury shag from fursuit supplies

WingWong (39 )


Almost 1/2 yard lion gold fox

Almost 1/2 yard of lion gold FOX from howl $20 + shipping This stuff is such a beautiful color in person!Does have some cut outs

WingWong (39 )


Large chunk deep red fox

Large chunk of this deep red fox $10 + shipping About 2 feet by 1.5 feetCan combine shipping with other furs.

WingWong (39 )


1/2 yard ivory teddy

This is an off white color, kind of cream. NOT white.Just selling for what I paid.Shipping is extra. USA only.

WingWong (39 )


Brown and White Fursuit Tail Nub

This tail was made by me 3-4 years ago, so I’m not 100% sure how good the quality is. Was not used. Can always be sent back for repairs. Tail is about 7”My ToS is als...

saltyseasadness (5 )


White Fursuit Tail Nub

This tail was made by me 3-4 years ago, so I’m not 100% sure how good the quality is. Was not used. Can always be sent back for repairs. Tail is about 7”My ToS is als...

saltyseasadness (5 )


Giant Bag of Fur/Fleece Scraps

This big bag of fur includes multiple fur colors and scraps big and small. Most of the colors are shown in the photos. Some fabrics from scrapped fursuit projects. There ...

saltyseasadness (5 )


Shiba Inu Squishy Plush

Selling stuff for my Top surgery funds!!This is a pre-owned perfect condition pink shiba inu plush. Very squishy and made from super soft minky, great stress relief when ...

Kikinokami (0)


NEW - Bunny *price includes shipping

What is included: - brand new! - Head size 21" - 23" - Room for glasses - good vision and great ventilation - 4 pieces of art + one badge - 2 tails: one...

2StupidFurs (2 )

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Dutch Angel Dragon Partial

Dutch Angel Dragon PartialI am an amateur fursuit maker and this is my second suit.Paypal only.UK shipping only.Product includes: Head, Paws and Tail.This suit has only b...

GBP 300.00
PatchworkJinx (0)

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