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lavafox fursuit head tail art character

head and tail made by lavafox on ebay

wingedcanine (0)

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Dragon Kemono Fursuit

Red/Black Dragon Kemono FursuitCondition: New Made by Minimi_Gongbang

Kerii (0)

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Large Follow Me Eyes: Color Blue

I'm currently selling my custom made Follow Me Eyes. The vision quality is really good and in which made the buckram in excellent condition as well. when you wash yo...

chrisvonland (1 )


Canine foam head base

Canine foam base with floppy ears, fits larger people heads snugly 

Honeywaffles (0)

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OwO Badges

Bust badge of your character with the OwO face. 

Harikuran (0)


Worm on a string -Small- (international shipping)

Worm on a string plushies, comes in multiple different colours and eye styles!

GBP 20.00
Frog-Toes-Furs (0)


Custom 3D Printed Eye blanks

1 set of 3D printed eye blanks

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (9 )


“Amarok” the Wolf Full Digi

Just used for pictures! Ready to ship - We ship worldwide From Mexico Made by DorkyDogSuits (they are out of business currently) Comes with Character Rights and includ...

NightmareBeastCreations (0)

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Coffee Hyena adopt furry Fursona Fursuit

Cute coffee-mocha hyena adoptable 

EUR 3.00
BigPawTiger (1 )

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KryingStudio Premade Cat

Jaffa Cake inspired premade cat!

GBP 500.00
KryingStudio (1 )

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Saber-cat peach adopt furry Fursona fursuit

Cute peach saber-cat adopt         

EUR 3.00
BigPawTiger (1 )

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Googly-eyed Waist-up Badges

Chest-up, flat coloured marker conbadge with googly eyes! Approx 6" tall. Laminated.

SgtRubberSoul (3 )


Conbadge Card

Card shaped, waist or chest-up fully coloured marker portrait on cardstock paper. 3"x 5", laminated.

SgtRubberSoul (3 )


Old Cat Fursona with Kigurumi

So, I decided to sell my old Fursona. She comes with 75 Drawings and 27 Stickers.She also comes with a kigurumi, sewn by HummingBunnyBee.

EUR 500.00
ErdbeerJoghurt (0)

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Beginner fursuit head

Decent beginner/young fur head, decent condition other than slight chipping of paint in eyes, perfect ventilation and vision. Will come freshly washed

BigteethKuzo (0)

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Current Commission Wip. Dm if interested

This is a current wip of a commission I am working on so excuse the no teeth and tongue atm. Dm for price details if interested, heads start at 400 and I also make other ...

KumaCub (0)


Custom Fursuit Tail (Size Medium)

You are bidding on a custom fursuit tail by MoonCurlCreations.

varunathehusky (1 )

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Custom Fursuit Paws

You are bidding on custom fursuit paws made by Moon Curl Creations (varunathehusky95 on Instagram). 4 finger paws use my own pattern, and 5 finger paws use a Matrices pat...

varunathehusky (1 )

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Phoenixnest partial and character / feline

Payment plans are negotiable with a £1k deposit ——This suit comes with - fursuit head made by Phoenixnest - handpaws , long tail , feet paws - 60 artwork - cha...

GBP 1,000.00
Alexdiren (0)

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Space themed Bear Partial

Sparkly New Bear Partial Needing a Home!

eeehhhhh (1 )

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Tan and Cream Rabbit Tail

Small upright 10"  rabbit tail. 

Tiomara (1 )


Ursella Backpack bear Terror Bear one of a kind

Ursella Backpack bear Terror Bear one of a kind  UV reactive & 3d Glow in the dark  All my bears come with batteries 

Greyfang (4 )

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Paw/Tail Bundle Commission!

These will be new, made for you paws and tail! They will treated as a standard commission as the slot will be sold at near base price! 

LynxDenCreations (0)


Nova Fursuit Partial

Digitigrade partial by Cute to Boot Suits

JessyeD (0)

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Needs home ASAP!

CozyCarno (0)



Needs a home ASAP! 

CozyCarno (0)

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Pit Bull Adopt!

A cute pibble looking for a home!

CozyCarno (0)


Pit Bull Adopt!

A cute pibble looking for a home!

CozyCarno (0)