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Fullbody Digital Commission

a digital fullbody with shading and color

Lunarvixen (0)


Headshot drawing

This is a digital drawing. I’m only taking up to two slots at a time. Please email me or DM me on Twitter.Email: azucreates@gmail.comTwitter: @Azu_Creates

Azu_Creates (0)


Sunflower Fields

ANY SPECIESANY GENDER Can: -Pick between magic or a butterfly in between hands. -Change color and pattern of moth friend, moth friend is optional. -Change hoodie colo...

bunnyboi93 (0)

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Pied Cockatiel Dutch Angel Dragon Adopt

Dutchie designed after a pied cockatiel bird!

Casper_Creates (2 )


Headshot/ Bust Badge

Headshot/ bust badge of your character. Comes with any expression requested. 

Harikuran (0)



Cotton is a cute little cat and likes to tell jokes and play board games.I will email Cotton to you after purchase.

rebcoola (3 )


Detailed Portaits

fully detailed portraits with shading, coloring, and a full scene background

Lunarvixen (0)


‘Refreshing Cherry’ Wolf Adopt

Read Description before buying! 

mac_n_tea (2 )


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Undertale Sans Wall Bauble

Hand-stitched wall bauble. Stitched with cotton thread on hand-dyed fabric, and framed in a wooden hoop. This item can be hung from a wall, displayed in a stand, or put...

Milesy (3 )


Fursona Badges

Fursona badge + tail and paw badge

The_Monster_Grim (0)


Chibi Couple Drawings

○ ○ ○My ToS (Terms of Service) --Get a chibi version of your character and their partner! This isn't only meant romantic couples, but can also be for friends...

BattyBytes (4 )


Alicorn for Sale

Quick Sale, must go.

GBP 15.00
ApolloTheHorse (0)


Gem Dragon Adopt

Hello there! Here I'm selling an old dragon Oc I redesign but totally lost connection to her.So I hope she will find a wonderful new owner. Her old name was Galdura...

EUR 35.00
Kyuubi_the_Magic_Fox (1 )


Digitally Illustrated Fullbody Character

Auction DetailsA cute, full-body portrait of your fursona or character for use as profile images, icons, con badges or whatever else!Feral or regular form, one mini pet ...

GBP 35.00
DivineTofu (7 )


Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot Mini Tapestry

Hand-stitched mini tapestry, with a painted wooden frame. Stitched with cotton thread on hand-dyed fabric. This item can be hung from a wall, displayed in a stand.Desig...

Milesy (3 )


‘Refreshing Cherry’ Wolf Adopt

Read Description before buying! 

mac_n_tea (2 )


(Preferably Canine) Custom Fursona Breathing Animation

(Not the best, Preferably Canine) custom fursona breathing animation!Send me a photo or drawing/ reference of your fursona and they’ll be drawn in and sent right to y...

TheSmolNoodle (0)


Fursona shaded and colored icon (head only)

Custom digital Fursona icon

TheSmolNoodle (0)