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Cute Multi-Commissions

Offering commissions ranging from icons, thigh ups and full body to stream banners!

witchyfur (0)


Traditional Furry Badge

A bust/headshot drawing of your fursona!

AvalancheStudios (0)



Tinzin is a peaceful wolf and likes to grow berries in their backyard.I will email Tinzin to you after purchase.

rebcoola (3 )


Badge Commissions!

FREE Shipping!

Royaltea-Rose (0)



Peony is a very nice wolf who likes to read books as a hobby.I will email Peony to you after purchase.

rebcoola (3 )


Commission Reference Sheets Open! Kittypop-Creations *Special deal below*

My name is Kittypop and I am an aspiring Character Design artist. I have been drawing for over 10 years. I have Successfully launched a Fan AU comic which has been compl...

KittyPop (0)


Badge commissions!

Digital badges onlyEmail me at for info on what to do for your badge commission :)

Vex-T-Rex (0)


Kaiju Wolf

An Adopt I have left that also comes with some extra Art

Kyuubi_the_Magic_Fox (3 )


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Nat_10210 (0)


Headshot YCH

Dm me @simons.left.leg on instagram with your ref sheet to complete the YCH!

SimonsGazebo (0)


Headshot Badges!

> Custom Badges

EUR 50.00
MixedCereals_Creations (0)



a spooky furry friend who's very excited to meet its new trick-or-treating buddy!

ikumohpo (0)


Pin-up style Fursona Commissions

SFW pinup fursona art

quollstar (0)



any gender any species Accept payment via PayPal 

EUR 15.00
Dbleki (1 )


Reference Sheets

a reference sheet for your character!

Lunarvixen (2 )


Pop Art Digital Portraits

premade portaits of animals

Lunarvixen (2 )


Pet Pop Art Portaits

pop art portraits of your pet or of any animal you choose. 

Lunarvixen (2 )


Seafoam Bird Adoptable

When buying this you get, A headshot and a full body ref. You also own the character and all it's rights and you can edit it how you please.

2Startled (1 )


Coyote girl Acrylic pin badge

Hello! For sale today is an awesome acrylic pin, designed by me (MulberryWitchArt). Each pin features the smirking head of a cool coyote girl- just look at that red ...

Kikwi (0)


Dino Mask Fan Club circle sticker

**Dino Mask not included- he’s showing off his snazzy new stickers!** Show your love for Dino masks with this awesome sticker! Featuring my own original art, this ...

Kikwi (0)


Blue Pink Dragoness Sticker Decal

This lovely Dragoness sticker is made of my own original art! She would love to hang out wherever you want her to- such as your notebook cover, or your laptop. This s...

Kikwi (0)


Sassy Female Lioness - Character Design Rights

**This is a digital file - nothing tangible/physical will be mailed. I will send the file to your choice of email after purchase** Hello! For sale today is a lovely ado...

Kikwi (0)


Tummy Rub YCH (Feral)

Auction DetailsA cute YCH of your fursona or character for use as profile images, icons, con badges or whatever else!Examples of finished YCH these in the listing images...

GBP 25.00
DivineTofu (9 )


Digital Art Comission

Digital art (sfw) of any kind so headhot/bust/halfbody and fullbody with or without a drawn or photographic background.

GBP 5.00
DawnGreen (0)


Art Badge Commission

Art commission of a badge of a single character

Athella (2 )


fox adopts

fox x fennic fox adopts, $1 usd or cad each.

scumbigula (0)


Baby in a Pumpkin

A baby in a pumpkin who is happy to see you! (any species welcome)

ThatCatObsessedDemon (0)


Feral ych

Can change the bg, and add items,or hair

Lilstraywolf (0)