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$5 USD Headshots

Unlimited Slots!

LadyNightosphere (0)


$2.50 Headshot

This is my headshot commissions i do, not many people get these ones sadly.

CAD 2.50
snowballArtCorner (0)


Digital Art Badges and Bust Coms

Just some normal badge and bust art. I can do digital only or I can have it printed and even laminated. Check out below for pricing details.

BunnyBaby (0)


Louis Vuitton Puppy Adoptable


kat-mutt (2 )


$10 Full body

Here are my full bodies, I can go from the knees or go down to the feet.(the bird fursona and the paper drawing at the new ones and the other 2 are older)

CAD 10.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


Social Media Card Badge

Want a badge with your basic info? Social media handles? SPARKLES?! I've got ya covered!

SleepyPawStudios (0)


Northern Lights Dutch Angel Dragon Adopt

Dutchie designed to look like the Northern lights in the night sky

Casper_Creates (2 )


$5 BustShot

Here are my bust shots, I go just to the middle part of the body so just under the belly sometimes i will add a knee in but not normally.

CAD 5.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


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Fursona Headshots/Icons

A headshot of your fursona that can also be used as an icon.  I can do any species.  Let me know about facial expression and send a ref or two.  They will be done digi...

ProtogenXen (0)


Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot Mini Tapestry

Hand-stitched mini tapestry, with a painted wooden frame. Stitched with cotton thread on hand-dyed fabric. This item can be hung from a wall, displayed in a stand.Desig...

Milesy (0)


(Closed until next year) Spooky Scary Badges

Comes with a jack-o-lantern bell, choose to include a name, or go without- Laminated- 6 Inches (not including the length of the jack-o-lantern bell)- You can request the ...

pannycake (0)


Giant Fursuit Badges

These badges are 8-10in in height. They can come with a Custom Social Media background (+$10), a glitter cardstock background (+$5), and just a blank background. Once pu...

terminallyArisen (2 )


Pony Base

Need more info? Contact me

KilianKuro (0)


Fursona Painted Wallpaper

I make custom wallpapers of your sona/OC. You will receive the drawing through email so it doesn’t lose quality. Before purchasing, please send me a picture of your cha...



Gryphon Anthro and Feral Reference Sheets with Poly Head Art

Gryphon ref with a poly head shot, watermarks will be remove once obtained by new owner. Reference sheets were by Jagal on Furaffinity, poly head was made by a friend.

orcinusnova (0)

10 bids  

Lineart Commissions!

Busts, Torsos, and Full Bodies are all $10!

SierraStar221 (0)


Anthro Character Headshots!!

I'm a beginner artist looking for anthro headshot practice! Headshots are $5!!If you purchase one, please DM me your ref!If you'd like to send a tip dm me! If...

profvenom (1 )


Full body Flatcolor

Note: I prefer feral characters but can do anthro too.Only SFW

fraankieck (0)


Stay Home Club 2020 YCH

Auction DetailsA cute YCH of your fursona or character for use as profile images, icons, con badges or whatever else!Examples of finished YCH these in the listing images...

GBP 15.00
DivineTofu (3 )


Fursuit pic edits

Picture edits to post on your social media, or just to keep for yourself

TheSmolNoodle (0)


Ref Sheet commissions!

Ref sheet is $65. Includes a front and back view. And two items. Colored

Dokekki (0)


paws vs maws stickers

Paws vs Maws stickersRandom pattern or your fursonas pattern

TheSmolNoodle (0)


Dark/blindfolded character icon commissions

can be as big as you need/want them including small iconscommissions for your Fursona or character in place of the blank manokit or deerCan count as vent art I supposeI p...

TheSmolNoodle (0)


Head-shot Badge Commissions Open for 2019

Hello there!Are You looking for a new Badge of your Fur-sona for your next con? Meetup?Well look no further. I am open for Head-shot only badge commissions.I am comfortab...

SarahMow (0)


Badge commissions!

Digital badges onlyEmail me at or DM me here for info on what to do for your badge commission :)

Vex-T-Rex (0)


Furry Comissions!

Each artwork includes hours of work and make your character come alive!

CAD 7.00
RavenousBlueRave (0)


Flat Color Commissions!

Busts, Torsos, and Full Bodies are all $15!

SierraStar221 (0)


Fairy Tail symbol

Guild symbol

Nellium (0)