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Official 2012-2014 Homestuck Posters

Official Homestuck merchandise I purchased from What Pumpkin? back in 2012-2014

SoulBit (1 )


Fullbody Digital Commission

a digital fullbody with shading and color

Lunarvixen (0)



Tinzin is a peaceful wolf and likes to grow berries in their backyard.I will email Tinzin to you after purchase.

rebcoola (3 )


Tiger Adopt

You are purchasing the design/character seen in the picture. You will have full rights to the character upon purchase. Please link back to our shop when you post the char...

MorrowHorror (5 )


Cuddling Angel Dragons Base (Shaded)

PSD Base File - Color your own dutchies!

Casper_Creates (2 )


Detailed Portaits

fully detailed portraits with shading, coloring, and a full scene background

Lunarvixen (0)


Blue Gray Cat Adopt

You are purchasing the design/character seen in the picture.  You will have full rights to the character upon purchase.  Please link back to my shop when you post...

MorrowHorror (5 )


Mouse Adoptable - Designed by Fishb0nes!

Looking to rehome a character of mine. This adopt comes with the following: - original design/reference sheet by Fishbones on FA- pixel icon by Osmoru on Twitter This c...

Deluge (0)


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[Digital] Badge Commissions

Small bust, head, or fullbody character badges. These are all digital, and will not be printed or sent to you, as I cannot ship. If you wish to print them, you must print...

ControlCoreAngel (1 )


Fursona Headshots/Icons

A headshot of your fursona that can also be used as an icon.  I can do any species.  Let me know about facial expression and send a ref or two.  They will be done digi...

ProtogenXen (0)


Tail lover stickers

Small stickers for tail lovers!

TheSmolNoodle (0)


Custom Digital Art Commission (NSFW is welcome! No Limits)


felixavenier (3 )


Pinata Pup

Colorful Pinata Themed Puppy Adoptable!

BaileyBailey (3 )


Single Chibi Drawings

○ ○ ○My ToS (Terms of Service) --Get a chibi version of your character! I will be making a second listing for those interested in getting one with two characters ...

BattyBytes (4 )


Giant Fursuit Badges

These badges are 8-10in in height. They can come with a Custom Social Media background (+$10), a glitter cardstock background (+$5), and just a blank background. Once pu...

terminallyArisen (2 )


Wolf adotp


Acrilico (0)


Fursona Painted Wallpaper

I make custom wallpapers of your sona/OC. You will receive the drawing through email so it doesn’t lose quality. Before purchasing, please send me a picture of your cha...



(Closed until next year) Spooky Scary Badges

Comes with a jack-o-lantern bell, choose to include a name, or go without- Laminated- 6 Inches (not including the length of the jack-o-lantern bell)- You can request the ...

pannycake (1 )


Art coms

Portraits, paintings, ref sheets, you name it

AcerWorse (0)


Fursuit pic edits

Picture edits to post on your social media, or just to keep for yourself

TheSmolNoodle (0)


Digital Headshot Commission!

Only $5 for a digital headshot!!!

ToriBird (1 )


[NSFW] YCH Spanking Couple

Unlimited use base

GBP 30.00
DivineTofu (7 )


Lineart Commissions!

Busts, Torsos, and Full Bodies are all $10!

SierraStar221 (0)


Dark/blindfolded character icon commissions

can be as big as you need/want them including small iconscommissions for your Fursona or character in place of the blank manokit or deerCan count as vent art I supposeI p...

TheSmolNoodle (0)


Custom/YCH Movable Puppet Badge Commission

Eyes, arms, legs, etc. can be posed!

felixavenier (3 )


Mjolnir Mini Tapestry

Thor's Hammer

Milesy (3 )


Cinnamon Husky Wall Bauble

Hand-stitched wall bauble. Stitched with cotton thread on hand-dyed fabric, and framed in a wooden hoop. This item can be hung from a wall, displayed in a stand, or p...

Milesy (3 )


Telegram stickers

Sticker commissions!! $2 each or 6 for $10

AcerWorse (0)