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Full Time Dutchie Custom Art

Badge of your Dutch Angel Dragon in the format given in picture.

CAD 10.00
ArtisticFangirl7 (0)


Headshot/ Bust Badge

Headshot/ bust badge of your character. Comes with any expression requested. 

Harikuran (0)


$5 BustShot

Here are my bust shots, I go just to the middle part of the body so just under the belly sometimes i will add a knee in but not normally.

CAD 5.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


Poodle Character

This lovely poodle is for sale! I no longer connect with her, so I'd love to see her go to a forever home!Paypal only!Comes with art shown!

jellycur (0)


Serval 1

You are purchasing the design/character seen in the picture.  You will have full rights to the character upon purchase.  Please link back to my shop when you post...

MorrowHorror (5 )



Peony is a very nice wolf who likes to read books as a hobby.I will email Peony to you after purchase.

rebcoola (3 )


Traditional Furry Badge

A bust/headshot drawing of your fursona!

AvalancheStudios (0)


OwO Badges

Bust badge of your character with the OwO face. 

Harikuran (0)


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Dog Adopt

Dop Adopt

Fennathefox (0)


Chandra - Cat Adoptable

Designed by JustAdpotIt on dA

ControlCoreAngel (1 )


Custom stickers

comes in packs of 4Custom handmade stickers of ur characters 

Fwufferzwolfaroo (0)


Team Mystic Themed Fox Character

Character & Digital Artwork

KytoraAnsar (3 )


Wolf Adopt

Older Character Needing a New Home!

SimbaDoesStuff (8 )

0 bids  

Spotted Lizard Adopt

Cute spotted lizard needs a home!

SimbaDoesStuff (8 )

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Vaporeon D.A.D

Base credit: themed dutch angel dragon auction! 

ChingoBuffy (0)

1 bid  

Spotted Hyena 350 art pieces

Cool spotted hyena with over 350 art pieces. Full character rights.

Guro_Monster (0)

1 bid  

DŵrKi closed species adopt

This is a DŵrKi. They are a closed species by Charlie Barton. Each one is designed by me and comes with a certificate of authenticity of design. When bought you will be ...

GBP 1.00
CharlieBarton (0)

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Raptor mask adoptable

If you purchase this item, I will email the reference sheet to you and you will get character rights and will fully own the character.

EKA8282 (0)

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Blue Worm Sticker


TheSmolNoodle (0)


Toony Eye Drawing

I can email the drawing after it is completed.If you have any questions, feel free to message me

AlphaGirl670 (4 )


Plushie custom

Plushie customs on the king theory's p2u base

GBP 1.50
ZevAdair (0)


Witch Cat Sticker

Printed, hand-cut, and laminated stickers. Features original artwork drawn digitally. **NOT WATERPROOF** Size: 4 inch x 2.75 inch Size might vary slightly. Colors migh...

Ashwolves5 (0)


Shark Dog

I can email the high 

AlphaGirl670 (4 )



Cotton is a cute little cat and likes to tell jokes and play board games.I will email Cotton to you after purchase.

rebcoola (3 )



Tinzin is a peaceful wolf and likes to grow berries in their backyard.I will email Tinzin to you after purchase.

rebcoola (3 )


Fursona Icon

Get a custom made icon for your character!Images are newest to oldestDifferent styles available but cost may vary

Sockett (1 )


Purple Adopt

A Purple Pup

NotForMe (2 )

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Shipost Icons

these look like #@$%posts 

sad_optimist (-1)