Fursuit Glasses (10/20/20, 4am)

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Costume Eye Mesh

Printed Costume Eye Mesh (No Painting or Priming Required)

MoonMoon (5 )


Beige hand paws, black pads, black claws

These hand paws are worn only for a few times and were commissioned 4-5 years ago. Therefore they were not made by myself.  Features: - 5-fingered beige hand paws - Bl...

EUR 30.00
Sliver (1 )


Party-Hard Buttons

Let your friends know you like to Party-Hard with these Buttons! Includes 1 Square Button! Party-Hard Buttons Large 5"What is Party Animal?Party Animal is your prem...

Vitai (2 )


Fursuit costume goggles

googgle scaled tot he size for you in fursuits

dallytaur (1 )