Fursuit Glasses (10/29/21, 7:30pm)

Annunci in primo piano

Nuke Fullsuit

Full Digi Suit, Resin head Base.

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Red Panda Full Fursuit - Beastcub Creations 2016

Beastcub Creations 2016 Red Panda full fursuit. Head, body, tail, paws and feet.

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Flocked Tiger Head

Electrostatic flocking on impact resistant resin. Made by Tamburmane.

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Sabre Cat Digigrade Fursuit

Made by DHC, completed September 2020. Still in absolutely excellent condition, only used for some photos/tiktoks

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Wolf Husky Plantigrade Fullsuit

Made by DHC, completed September 2020 and still in absolutely excellent condition, only used for some pictures/tiktoks

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Kemono Cat Fursuit Partial

This listing is for a kemono style fursuit partial featuring a head with full hair, handpaws and tail. (Dress and fullbody suit NOT included!)The Head:- Built on a balacl...

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Partial fursuit wolf (dog)

Partial, Border Collie, dog, puppy, wolf

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Sabertooth Tiger Partial

Stereo the Sabertooth Tiger is for sale!! $2.4k

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Wolverine/Tanuki Hybrid Partial

More pictures here: https://twitter.com/TungstenCarb/status/1418287896612769795?s=20

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Black and fox red wolf

Hello,We are selling this beautiful new black and fox red wolf partial. Made from foam and quality fur. Comfortable and nice see-through via tear ducts. No airbrush, just...

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Grey Fox-Northern Harrier Gryphon Head Mask.

A one of a kind mask perfect for Renaissance fairs, Halloween, plays, and conventions. Found in the eve and morn of the earliest to late Autumn days, they walk ...

KreatureKit (9 )


Cat fursuit Pre-Made

this kitty cat is 3D printed. she has a move bal jaw.

EUR 300.00
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Hyena Partial

Asking 900 USD! ((US SHIPPING ONLY)) also looking at money offers about 500 i have to pay off a suit by the 20th and it’s 850$ so it would help it really would ...

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Grump Wolf *new*

Fall spices themed grump wolf! Mini partial, brand new, and ready for spooky season!

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Poison Apple Lynx Adopt


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Rottie Mix Fursuit Head

Semi-realistic rottweiler mix dog fursuit head with moving jaw and laminated badge

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Hyena partial for sale

Hyena, partial

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Headshots are just $1! Come fully shaded :) all artwork shown is mine

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Poison apple adoptable

Poison apple adopt! Made by me.

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