Fursuit Glasses (1/15/21, 8:20pm)

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Plushy Pitbull Premade Fleece Fursuit

A plushy-themed fleece fursuit pitbull doggy that comes with a head, tail, and plush handpaw mittens! 

GoodFurSomething (1 )


Cream Velvet Deer

premade deer ready to be adopted

Carthusflame (1 )


Rottweiler Mix Mini Partial

See full description! :)

TheLionessAndTheLoom (0)


Mushroom Dog Head

Original post from my instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJUTlLppg4u/?igshid=9qr8632pgxykFOR SALE Mushroom dog! Includes:2D eyesBuilt on a foam baseLuxury s...

CosetteSH (2 )

2 bids  

Canine foam head base

Canine foam base with floppy ears, fits larger people heads snugly 

Honeywaffles (0)

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Pony adopt Felicity

SB : 5$ MB : 5$ AB : 100$ ✦ 50$ and more - I will draw SFW art with her ✦ AB - u'll receive SFW and NSFW pics ✦ Don't resell! ✦ Paypal ✦ ...

TheFool (0)

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Cute Angel Dragon Partial!

'Violet' the Angel Dragon Partial suit.Bought about 2 years ago off of Furbuy. Suit made by Bulgarian maker "Secrets Of The Wild Forest". In great con...

TigressThePon (0)

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Lovebird Adoptable

This happy little Lovebird loves to doll up and tie trinkets into their feathers, from buttons to bows and even other bird's feathers.--When purchased, original piec...

xCailinMurre (6 )


Fox Partial Suit

This listing is for a Fox MCloud partial fursuit. Made as a Fox MCloud/Star Fox cosplay suit, but can pass as a normal red fox fursona. This suit has only been worn twice...

HikariGamingLynx (1 )

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Bunny ears headband and tail

Toasted caramel brown bunny ears and tail.

DodgerTheFoxxo (0)


Blue and purple tiger adopt

This fella is looking for a new home

JCpremadecreations (3 )


Navy blue and Columbia blue tiger adopt

Digital goods only. Will be emailed upon purchase. Please note, I do work at a job and there may be instances where I’m unable to email the adopt, please keep this in m...

JCpremadecreations (3 )


Rainbow Themed Tiger Adoptable

Digital foods only. Will be emailed upon purchase unless I’m at work. 

JCpremadecreations (3 )


Electric Tiger Adopt

Digital goods only, will be emailed once purchased

JCpremadecreations (3 )


3/4 Digitigrade dinomask

Experimental dinomask. 5'3 and under.Waist 44~Shoe 9 woman's (not built on a shoe, can have wiggle room)Head 23 inch

SkunkittyFursuits (0)

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Canine Foam Head Base

A canine foam base with balaclava lining.

popsqueak (0)


Puffy Handpaws (Black and Green)

Kloofsuits pattern handpaws

slimshadygrimgravy (1 )

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UP TO $300 OFF - Mini or Full partial slot - Furgetful Fae Fursuits

DISCOUNTED custom commission slot - READ DESCRIPTION!!!

furgetful_fae (0)


Saber-cat peach adopt furry Fursona fursuit

Cute peach saber-cat adopt         

EUR 3.00
BigPawTiger (1 )

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Coffee Hyena adopt furry Fursona Fursuit

Cute coffee-mocha hyena adoptable 

EUR 3.00
BigPawTiger (1 )

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