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Feisty Pink Cat Digitigrade Fullsuit

A cute, mischievous kitty fullsuit! Includes custom feet fit to buyer!

OMGPineapples (0)

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Bully Dog Partial Fursuit by B3/FKF

Gently used and well-cared for/newly updated partial fursuit of handpaws, tail, and head!

joecifur (0)

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Kirin inspired mask

Kirin inspired mask with light up crystals and a matching tail.

DragonFoxDemon (6 )

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Candy Floss Red Panda Partial

A new pre-made red panda partial fursuit inspired by candy floss (cotton candy), consisting of the head, puffy hand paws and tail.

GBP 500.00
DashingDuckDesigns (0)

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Coyote adopt

Includes an extra artwork on a f2u base (dookertime).Originally designed by wyomingweasel.I didn't connect with the color palette, so just trying to get what I paid back....

WingWong (43 )


Sonic The Hedgehog Mascot Costume

Fits up to 5'9.Comes with gloves, shoes, head, and bodysuit.Zipper is a bit wonky but still works.

LightningTheFox (0)


Halloween Wolf

Premade fursuit of a Halloween themed wolf, created by @fluffy.boi.suits !

MhopCat (6 )


Sabre Cat Fursuit

Digigrade fursuit with extra parts + character rights (Part of a twin suit set) excellent condition

Jenncole44 (0)


Lovecraftian scull cat NEW !

Lovecraftian scull cat NEW ! made by CandySatan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

Angel_Tigress (26 )

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Body Suit

White muscular Body Suit

Kittyeh (0)


Doggo Mini Partial Fursuit!

Selling this boyo as I have not worn him a lot (5 times max) and I'd like for him to get him to be in a better home! Right now only shipping in the US. Hit me up on Tele...

UmbreonStudio (0)

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Red and pink canine partial fursuit

This pink, red, and black canine partial fursuit comes with...- head: fits sizes 21-23 inches- Paws: one size fits most- Nub tail: has a belt loopShipping: shipping is ca...

MrMatschies (1 )

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Birds custom character

Parts of the bird's costume. Head, paw sleeves and tail. Please write to me. It is very important for me to know who is interested.My Instagram, Twitter or TikTok @_zel...

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tortisheshell cat tail


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red and black PAWSTAR tail

worn pawstar tail

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green and black halloweeny tail

hello! :D i am selling this slime-green and pitchblack tail. its perfect for halloween :D it is never worn 

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tail with sona artz

tail that comes with at least 2 arts of the fursona this was made for

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Halloween Birb YCH

Doing a Fall style YCH with one of the 3 backgrounds included!

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Realistic Platinum Fox Partial

Brand new fursuit by Melissa Mendelson Art

Zulaya (4 )


Bearbitz Standard (11/02/21, 7pm)