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HOLIDAY SALE! Sheep-Dragon Mini Partial

SALE! Need to sell! Great price, great quality. Fits 23in and similar heads.

KreatureKit (12 )



This is a tiered auction meaning the higher the bid, the more items you recieve!

ThatCatObsessedDemon (0)

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(OSFA head(one size fits all) ~21 to 23.5~ (-Base head from Etsy from known makers) -lined -angery face -(eyes from Esty from known makers) -no refund -buy...

Muttsspit (0)

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Full Horse suit and character for sale

This is my character and suit, AshTheMare. Asking starting price of $6000. Comes with hundreds of art, merchandise (backpacks, plushies, fursuit accessories, etc…) the ...

ashferrell15 (0)

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Partial Sabertooth Suit by Navy_Workshop

Head, paws, and tail by Navy Workshop.HEAD: One size fits all (up to 27” with glasses), made on a hinged base with a zipper and adjustable strap. Fully lined with flee...

hackermutt (1 )

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Bluejay Mascot *Brand New*

Ever want to be a freelance mascot? Now's your chance!

aNiemela91 (0)


Australian Cattle Dog Mini-Partial

Made by Sittin Kitten Studios

Lydia_Quinn (7 )

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Front and back ref sheet commissions

Front and back ref + 1 outfit ref



Dutch Angel Dragon Fursuit Head

Faux fur matte fursuit head Comes with all character rights and ref sheet Made to fit 24in head but it has slight wiggle room Any other questions feel free to message ...

TorriThorn (0)

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Beach Lion Adopt

A little lion who lives spending his day at the beach, his favorite things are beach picnics, surfing, and making sand castles!

Milomoment (0)


Catherine the Realistic Feline

I purchased her a Few months ago on here and just never worn her as much as I love her I want to give her to a home who would love her.Head Only!Head fits 24-26in I belie...

Reddragon979 (9 )

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Blue fursuit following eyes

Eye blanks are 3D printed.Seeable diameter is 2 inches. Sold as is.Eyes about 3.5 inches diameter.Shipping is extra. USA only

WingWong (53 )

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3D printed Shark Base

Made by mugiwara cosplay. Selling for the price I paid.Shipping included.21.5 cm wide, 26 cm tall.Sold as is. Base only. No other parts included.Brand new. They will not ...

WingWong (53 )


Hound Dog with Floppy ears and Pickable Nose

One Size fits most(~22in to~24 in and~21in to~23in with glasses.) This head is lined with Lycra to make it more cooling. Free Shipping Domestic Shipping in the USA. and I...

KnittinKittenFashion (0)

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Wolfdog Partial

Head with moving jaw and hidden zipper, resin claws, tail, and custom made tongues and arm sleeves for the new owner to be sent.

ScoutPawfoot (0)

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Crunchycurl Medium Bulldog Harness

Made by crunchycurl. Worn once. No wear or tear. Just looking for a different color, nothing wrong with it.Fits men’s medium size.Bulldog styleShipping is extra.

WingWong (53 )

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Fluffy dragon character + artwork!

Price includes all of the digital artwork shown and 2 physical badges to be shipped to the buyer.No trades.We accept Cash, Paypal, or Stripe.No returns, exchanges, or ref...

WingWong (53 )

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Kemono 3D digital file

Selling rights and the file to print as your own. I will no longer keep this once sold.This is not a public file.Sold as is.*I do not have a 3D printer so I cannot make t...

WingWong (53 )

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Canine/wolf character

Comes with original design (kaisho) and edited reference sheet. Lineart by napsinu.Sold as is.NO PHYSICAL ITEM SHIPPEDCharacter can be transferred through if yo...

WingWong (53 )

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Unfinished fursuit head hood

Was based off a resin base. You can add to it to fit any smaller sized head base out there. Character design NOT included.Back is opened since I never attached the zipper...

WingWong (53 )

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