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Premade toony fursuit head and tail

I recently finished this canine fursuit and now it's looking for a loving home! (buyer can decide the species :D)

Sziri (0)

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Blue and purple aquatic fox ! NEW !

Blue and purple aquatic fox NEW! Craft by Tupik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MORE Photos : Watch here! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

Angel_Tigress (18 )

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Mochi Handpaws

Deliciously soft mochi minky handpaws!

DrowsySeal (0)


Puffy Handpaws (Black and Green)

Kloofsuits pattern handpaws

slimshadygrimgravy (1 )

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Fluffy Faux Fur Arm Warmers

Warm, comfy and perfect for the cold season :)

EUR 25.00
UlyssesBG (0)


Red Wolf Digitigrade Fullsuit

-The fursuit will fit up to 5 feet 10 inches tall and no more than 120 pounds. The head will fit up to 24 inches. The hand paws will fit most size hands and the feet paws...

brendana19 (-1)

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"plush" tag

cute tag meant to go on a bodysuit or legs to imitate a tag on a plushie

kitten28367 (0)

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Skunk Fursona up for Adoption

This is my smelly boi Harvey, who has served me well, but I need to leave the fandom behind for a little while...Asking price starts at $250, but I am willing to negotiat...

BlueMoonTheWolf (0)


Dalmation Adopt

Design by me, lines by @covepalms on instagram. My username on instagram is @curas_heckin_saber. Feel free to contact me there if you're interested in a custom using...

B3llum (1 )

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Electric Tiger Adopt

Digital goods only, will be emailed once purchased

JCpremadecreations (3 )


Corgi partial | take your offers

Take your offers

Tamblerone (26 )

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Dragon Pup Ref Sheet

Lil ref sheet adopt!

IO-Dragon98 (7 )

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Dragon fursuit


Sophiethefox (0)


Dino Dog Ref Sheet

Lil Halloween themed adopt 

IO-Dragon98 (7 )

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Saber-cat peach adopt furry Fursona fursuit

Cute peach saber-cat adopt         

EUR 3.00
BigPawTiger (1 )

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Coffee Hyena adopt furry Fursona Fursuit

Cute coffee-mocha hyena adoptable 

EUR 3.00
BigPawTiger (1 )

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Gay Corgie Adopt furry fursona fursuit

Fluffy gay/LGBTQplus corgi adoptable 

EUR 3.00
BigPawTiger (1 )

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Fire Wyvern Art Doll

Hand made fully poseable wire frame clay and fabric art doll!

GBP 160.00
RubiconArt (0)


OOAK Hand Made Art Doll - Skully

Skully just wants someone to cuddle

GBP 40.00
RubiconArt (0)


Fursuit Paws

Paws are made by Fenivira on Instagram back in 2018. I never wore them outside or longer than 30 minutes. Please message me on Plastyk6 on Instagram for questions. I will...

EUR 160.00
Plastyk (0)