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cat fish

A new shiny and bright cat fish!

Ximera (0)

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Sabertooth adopt

Comes with only one piece

LjFursuits (0)


Sphynx cat adopt

Comes with 2 pieces

LjFursuits (0)


Tiger Dino

He’s just a babie!!

IceyPopIllustrations (0)

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Fursuit Maker Supplies Box

Foam bases, material pieces, a fully finished tail, paw pads, an upper jaw set, a trimmer, and more!

DrakonJynx (0)


3/4 Fursuit Partial NEW

Selling this newly completed kitty fursuit partial for $1200! Includes: -ref sheet - paws, head, tail, indoor feetpaws (fitted with comfy slippers catered to your ...

newtwb (0)


Full suit+character rights

Digi fullsuit with character rights!

VayMutt (2 )


Gecko Tail

Life-size gecko tail.

Shroomigo (0)


Premade Canine Fursuit

I take payment plans (max 3 months), Only PayPal, Cost of shipping will depends on where you live, Design is made by me, There are some small flaws (hardly visi...

Lycoris_Creations (0)

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Pick-Your-Own-Palette Wolf Adoptable

Wolf adoptable up for auction, but this time the winner picks the color palette! Back view unlocks at $100, and at the Autobuy of $200 you'll get the back view and a spec...

FurryFilth (2 )

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Adoptable Wolf Reference Sheet

Autobuy#1 will come with a glitter fursuit badge.Buyer will be emailed the high-quality version(s) without the watermark!NO PHYSICAL ITEM--NOTHING WILL BE SHIPPEDLine | S...

hackermutt (1 )

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Black and Aqua Puppy Paws

Stuffed Paw Pads, Fully lined and cuffed! High Quality

ZeroRemnants (5 )


DVC Manokit for sale!

Dream Vision Creatins Manokit already carved out for sale!

EUR 350.00
chloeqnn (0)


Ready to Fur Fursuit Feetpaws

Ready to Fur Fursuit Foam Feetpaws Covered in ductape and have shoe inside

xXCrossArrowXx (2 )

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Pink Coati Fursuit + badges + supplies

A lovely pink coati is looking for a new home! Suit by Nijak Play Art Fursuit review:

moriboie (0)

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SALE Body Mink Ferret sable color Needs Completion. Short/wide w/zipper

Perfect for a beginner project. You could add arms and hems for immediate use. Free shipping in USA. All items are on sale right now!

TexasRockinRose (0)


Mochi Partial Fursuit

SUIT BY @QUIET_STUDIOS OVER ON INSTAGRAM- comes with follow me eyes, size is about 23” for the head  - tail is a dragger, about 2 1/2 - 3 feet long Has only been wor...

marybgreener (0)

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Turquoise/blue & White fox!

Brand new fox partial made by CurryCatCreations!

CurryCatCreations (0)

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Manokit Partial+

Manokit partial! Buyer receives fursuit head, tail, paws, and lycra bodysuit + lycra tail. Head and paws are lined, one size fits all. The bodysuit best fits 5'4''-5'5''....

Trissacar1 (1 )

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Feline Space Cat Mini Partial Fursuit

This colorful feline friend is aiming for the stars! They'll be happy to be brought along to meets, cons, events and more. This brand new partial includes a lined head, 4...

CAD 1,725.00
MondayMidwich (0)

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